30 May 2004


Posted by Pye in Poetry | 11:13pm

You had to come back
and unfreeze my heart
get my emotions out of storage
pound them again into a pulp

Why do I show you my fractured soul?
Once more
the misery, the helplessness, the hate
The same old thing every single time
The weakness I can't overcome
the way I allow you to get to me all over again.

I swear I'll turn it back to you now
Present a cool, impersonal face
make my emotions immune to you
just another day in my life
and just another wound in that day

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25 May 2004

Sometimes at Night

Posted by Pye in Poetry | 10:33am

Sometimes at night
Lying awake
Toss and turn
Terribly ache

Sometimes at night
I am numb
I wonder what
I've become

Sometimes at night
Memory haunts
Inky blackness
Cruel taunts

Sometimes at night
So alone
Didn't realise
Should've known

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17 May 2004

My Heart

Posted by Pye in Poetry | 11:40pm

I gave my heart to you to keep
In your safekeeping did I trust
Then buried it in tears so deep
That the poor organ began to rust

You tended it all day and night
You tried to make it clean and clear
You rubbed it till it was so bright
Hale and hearty it did appear

Just when you thought it was alive
The bloody organ died on you
You tried your best, it didn't revive
Was nothing else that you could do

Your life, my heart - one entity
You've lost a part of you with me.

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14 May 2004


Posted by Pye in Poetry | 8:24pm

Can you give me the whole of my heart back please?
I will need it for future dealings I guess
These broken pieces are no use to me now
Can you sort out my life from this mess?
The courage to hurt you the way you made me cry?
Some revenge for those nights I cried, hushed?
A pay back for all of those dreams I had seen?
And those hopes and wishes which have been crushed?
Can I foist this bitterness on you and fatally wound?
Can I blame you for all of this I have become?
Do I wish to see you suffer like I have?
Do I have it in me to see you succumb?
No. I am a coward; it's your love that makes me that
I think a coward I'd like to be, rather than hurt you back.

--Written on 21st Feb. Unedited, raw, the rhyme is off, syllables are all over the place but it's straight from the heart. :o)

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14 May 2004

Losing Control

Posted by Pye in Poetry | 7:27pm

Full. So full.
Burst at the seams

When did it get
this way
I wasn't looking
I didn't know
that I could

Anger can be red
Blazing, aching, blinding

Dams can burst.

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10 May 2004

The Vision

Posted by Pye in Poetry | 2:22pm

Matted hair to yellowed teeth
The usual vision is everpresent
Most people fail to notice
until brown,calloused hand
spreads before faces,
under their noses,
before their eyes
Daring, mocking -- ignore some more!

Casual disregard for the traffic lights
He weaves into the stopped cars
Looking keenly at the sahibs
And gently tittering mem-sahibs
grown suddenly quiet.
Avoiding his eyes.

He lingers for a moment
Passing to the next hardened heart
until the light turns green
The metal river moves around him
Parting for the staff of Moses
A sea of hurrying, uncaring, selfish,
ashamed humanity.

There is this beggar standing at the traffic signal in Nampally, opposite Moorty and Sons, the famous photographers' studio. I've seen him since I was a little girl. He hasn't changed. He looks pretty formidable. Dirty white hair... but voluminous, shoulder length - framing his face. Deep set eyes and broad shoulders, strong build. He has a black shawl wrapped around his shoulders and a stout stick in his hand. I don't remember if they were there when I was younger or are a recent addition. He's got this quiet dignity about him. He doesn't hound you as most beggars do. A slight, negative shake of the head moves him and his accusing eyes on, to the next person. The whole image is pretty forceful and I've been in awe of him for a long time.

Yesterday as I stopped at the lights, I saw him and actually noticed him. A thought ran through my mind - If he had been born a few centuries ago, he could have been mistaken for a prophet.

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10 May 2004

A Beginning

Posted by Pye in Poetry | 7:57am

The first entry in my blog. I feel like it's a momentous occassion. It should be something worthwhile. Since this blog is more or less meant to be a collection of my thoughts, let me start with what was on my mind last night. A poem, as it was written, unedited.

Limping along on the crutch of humour
Cloaks of sarcasm wrapped around
Moving behind a facade of wit
Sharp repartee close at hand

Who is this?
Which facet is true?
A merging of different personas;
Or broken pieces; dysfunctional?

Deceiving myself, or the world?
The answers shimmer, just out of reach.
Stumbling through the images I've built
I wonder if I'm lost to me.

Thoughts: Sometimes I have this feeling that I am standing outside myself and looking inside, detached, objective. Do I like what I see? Do I see my true self? If I am supposed to be me, in touch with myself, then how come I'm standing out there?

So this blog is now off to a start. Appropriately I hope, as a glimpse into my self.

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