26 May 2004


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Time to retreat into silences

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25 May 2004


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afternoon, fading ennui
thoughts of impending eve
a moment of inSpiration,
lets chat As if there were company.
your words, sleepy saLiva,
run down smooth and effortless
cupped hands of mine maneuver
dripping droplets alreAdy dreaming
of nosTalgia. dare i interrupt the flow.
oh no! don't ask as If you expect an answer.
dancing eyes and drugged fOre lip
my words are false.
i said doN't ask.
oh, you insist! well, this is the way it is.
i hAng on to every word of yours
twisting, turning, memorizing
and wheN you insist, i repeat them
inverted, subverted, meaninGless groans,
and hearing your own wordS
thrown back aT you,
you yelp in ecstasy. soul mates!
you cry; soul mates!
in salvation anxiety,
dead donne did defeat death
eliott left his head on the platter
and sade made friends with the mermaids
and they left us to dribble letters and
to derive games out of words
this is no comparison,
you are heavenly if it comes to that.
yes i mean.
sanity and spotting moon and fading afternoon.
i see the impending eve.
your words now embedded,
composed to music.
now our conversation becomes animated.
my memory fails now and then.
and your words thrown back at you
take you by surprise
no more mere groans.
some of them i mean.
a hint of fear!
let me console. fading ennui. impending eve.
warm hug and meaningless words of sanity.
lets talk then, you and I.
you first. I'll hang on to your words.
I am a good conversationist.
as if there were company. afternoon, fading ennui

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24 May 2004

to be or to be

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sitting on a cross road precariously hanging for my dear life, what to be is the question that stares at me. I could be a modern artist, living on the wall looking at life lived by others, feeling with them, feeling for them yet remaining untouched by the emotions, dont misunderstand me but i can cry for humanity, only. as for me i am the artist, immune from lifes cares. i will emerge from my crevice every once in a while to see your cheerful face, i do need it you know, but dont hold my hand for too long, for then i will notice your open mouth as you eat and the warts on your ass, they can be ugly from a perspective, was i cruel, oh i dont mean to be, see i told you i am fucked up and best when in my den puking out profound observations. Isn't creating art the artists holy duty? Or should i be the son, the farmer, the father, the lover, giving up the global perspective for the human touch? yes i will have warts too, make loud noices when i eat with a open mouth, make corny passes as you walk with a lazy gait. a character with frailities but a living breathing figure and a bundle of emotions. to be or to be?

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