1 May 2004

Mellow me

Posted by Captain Scamp in General | 4:35am

fullhyd put my blog on the homepage - which inspired me to write more crap! hee hee.

I figured i'l; write soemthing really smart alecky..but am in  a much too mellow mood today. it's raining here..it's real nice. Took my biclycle out yesterday after work. was on the night shift - so when i reached home at about 7  - the first thing i did wa drag my bike out - peddled all over. Bliss..i thnk the word i'mlooking for fantalicious!

anyways, wont dribble on and on about how cool it was ...

oh here's something  i like mucho ...

Your love, my love, is as fickle

as a mind in a pickle...

to cut a crop good...

you need a pretty sharp sickle

for treasures are never traded for a dime or a nickle...

to feel the tortourous pangs of love

precious tears must trickle....

only then...can you..my love

give my love....a tickle!



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