3 May 2004


Posted by Captain Scamp in General | 3:36am

sunday..bloody sunday! and bloody hell..am at work....! can you belive this crap? me and like three other people - this including the Janitor and the guy who's in to nail the floor boards back in palce-  because it had opened up and threatened to deliver all of us downstairs to the ground floor - where we could be sipping coffee - thank u very much!

anyways, Cribbyscamp has issues..so will stop complaining about how pissy it is to work sundays. plus Moppy has decided to continue with the wayward '5- day- a week - sneaking -away- when- boss- is'nt looking stunt'...i have deicded to bear it all!

came in early...like 5 minutes before ETA..to do some research...did it...and hoping to stay back..like 5 minutes ETD (before expected time of departure)..to complete my research!

suddenly remembered this tid bit of random conversation...was at Physcho Sis's party, and King tut is completely sloshed..like out like a fish..he sidles upto me and says..' why do people hate you so much?"... heyyyyyyBuddy....i know people don't really think i'm the cat's whiskers..but you dont have to shimmer upto me..fully pissed and break it like an egg over my head...! I can deal with it though and I told him very diplomatically (grinning thru it all) " ohhhh....I'm not hated...just people and I don't see things the same way I guess....maybe because i'm not 'one of them'..I don't fit in..so they don't like me''( tres diplomatique considering the verbal diarrohea i AM AFFLICTED WITH when confronted with stupid statements liek that!) Anyways..this is what I wnated to tell him ...." People don't hate me..they hate my guts///they hate me for my superior intellect...my scintillating personality...my ability to lift situations hopelessly bleak and propel then to the shiny new heights of possibilty...of hope....they hate me for my talents with the opposite sex..my exquisite sartorial splendour....my unparalleled ability to hold my own in elite intellectual company...in charming defiance of all established thought..of perception....  they hate me because in me they see all that are'nt and can never aspire to be!!!"

Basically..in plain english... I wanted to tell him that I was the Cats whiskers ..adn that I knew it and thats why people hated me...he heee...  of course..modesty being my very underplayed virtue!

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