10 May 2004

One depressing day in the dungeon

Posted by Captain Scamp in General | 5:05am

Oh super!..like when my life begins to look up - all bright and sunny (that i have wear sunblock) - lose my phone, the office net crashes and I can't access rediff! withdrawal has never been so painful! plus the bummer is all my numbers are stored in my phone - so ica nt' call my pals and even make plans and the alternative to beating out a message with a blanket over a pile of burning twigs is to mail them - and going back by how everyone is 'not-so-prompt' with their mails - might as well chuck the idea along with my brains out of the window! whewwww! holy malarky moley ...losing all my marbles!

bing bong - hows it going out there? what books did i get? Granta, something called Villa Incognito( highly random, but the writing is terribly imaginative) and Cinnamon peeler (Micheal Ondaatje) ...which brings me to Ondaatje....have you read his stuff...he's tyhe cutest man... you must get your paws on his stuff..but the thing is that I think his writing is extremely cute in the female sorta way..i'm not quite sure if it'll go down with them men, and testestorone and stuff! but what the heck!

heres the plan for the evbening - Passion of the christ and main hoon na! come hell or high electoral water - i'm getting the shit into the theatre and watching this!

plus have to finish my books.

rumours rife in offcie that I'm quitting! ha ha..I think they're trying to tell me something..maybe it's like a giant cosmic hint - a big flashing neon light being blipped by jesus himself ....a large crumb of bread Hansel and gretel left ...all pointing /poking /shoving me in the right direction!!! maybe I SHOULD TAKE THE HINT! NAD GODAM QUIT! i've just worked out the most delcious plan for myself ...but that involves me and being broke for a year (eeks!)

...but it's okay i guess....better be unemployed legally I guess!

so apart from rifling around for shiny one rupee coins in my office and one room hovel (ohhh! how I love it) ... have been very pre-occupied with some fifty billion things...........but i get real sleepy the minute I start thinking about it! hee hee ...

acha this is getting out of hand..have to go and giggle uncontrollably now.....(I think they sprayed something in the air here....must be the air freshner)

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