12 May 2004

The Mock Race

Posted by Oblivion in General | 8:17pm

The mock race - that's what I refer democracy as. At least, as it exists in this f****ed-up-beyond-repair country. The process, as I understand, is this:

1.It's the avarice for power and not the desire to serve people that pulls so many idiots (no contradiction here, their looks also reflect this!) to ruthlessly compete for those seats

2.A good number of people know this, yet they are helples as to what to do about it, or how to stop this from happening. So, sincerely, they stay away from exercising their franchise. (ok, I appreciate all those too who want to vote but do not end up voting)

3.A majority of the multitude that vote (vicariously experiencing the illusion of power for that one moment) do not know the implications of their deed.

4.Then, we have this counting drama and a chap wins.

5.The chap takes the populace for a ride and the common man - the most voiceless creature in this world - suffers in silence. 

6....and the race continues.

Come on, hasn't it happened for a long enough time for us to realise that the entire process has so many flaws? Why do we select the civil servants through such a rigorous procedure but care nought when we choose our leaders from a bunch of insane, selfish, ruthless, even uneducated (not that it is important by itself) brats with a bent for crime?

Media hypes politicians so much. Success and power are worshipped in this world. Where is the country going? Wouldn't it be better if the leaders are chosen from the civil servants? Isn't the probability, in this case, of having more number of better leaders more than it is now?

Why doesn't anyone with sanity and power (eg., civil servants, editors, etc) make this a big issue and try to arrive at a better solution?

I know all this is a helpless banter... Yet...

...into whatever heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake (apologies to Tagore, for paraphrasing). Because, any other heaven would be better than this existing hell!

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