14 May 2004


Posted by Pye in Poetry | 8:24pm

Can you give me the whole of my heart back please?
I will need it for future dealings I guess
These broken pieces are no use to me now
Can you sort out my life from this mess?
The courage to hurt you the way you made me cry?
Some revenge for those nights I cried, hushed?
A pay back for all of those dreams I had seen?
And those hopes and wishes which have been crushed?
Can I foist this bitterness on you and fatally wound?
Can I blame you for all of this I have become?
Do I wish to see you suffer like I have?
Do I have it in me to see you succumb?
No. I am a coward; it's your love that makes me that
I think a coward I'd like to be, rather than hurt you back.

--Written on 21st Feb. Unedited, raw, the rhyme is off, syllables are all over the place but it's straight from the heart. :o)

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14 May 2004

Losing Control

Posted by Pye in Poetry | 7:27pm

Full. So full.
Burst at the seams

When did it get
this way
I wasn't looking
I didn't know
that I could

Anger can be red
Blazing, aching, blinding

Dams can burst.

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