Your comments were deeply disturbing, dannyboi (BTW, has that alias been inspired by Avril Lavigne's Sk8erboi? Speaking of Alias, did you know that the svelte Jennifer Garner had her humble beginnings in the realms of porn films? Speaking of porn, did you know that the 'Hollywood Star' that was dished out to us by Vashu Bhagnani in the name of Brande Rodericks as Sally in 'Out of Control' is not just known for Baywatch - her list of achievements include 'starring' in 'Inside Club Wildside 2'? Speaking of acheivements, did you know that ever since the opening brace, my sentences have become progressively longer, perhaps this one being the exception, unless of course I can come up with something more which as of now seems highly unlikely given the fact that it is two in the morning and my neighbour who lives across the door is giving me amorous glances?).

I am not sure how reading my blog would help your girlfriend realise anything at all, leave alone realising that 'there is such a thing as wooing'. If anything, she might just come to her senses and realise that she has been wasting the best days of her life on you - a person who has no better work to do than read other people's random ramblings. That brings up another question. Isn't 'other' when used before 'people' redundant? Who else can people be except those that are not you? Even if you were suffering from MPD, you still would not classify all or any of you as people.

But, then taking up the issue of the vagaries of the English language would be akin to opening a can of worms, something which Amitabh Bachchan had done with elan in Namak Halal. And, taking up your issue would not serve much purpose either, the key word being much. So, we take up an issue that serves no purpose at all - the neighbour across the door who is sending me some really strong vibes.

Personally, and non-personally as well, I don't think much of neighbours who do that, especially if they are women - with such sparks flying there is no time to think. You are supposed to be her knight in shining armour, rise to the occasion and sweep her off her feet, literally and figuratively. And, if the person in question happens to be a man I am 'broad'-minded enough to not think much of that either. I just run. I run my ass off, to borrow a quote from Cypher in Matrix.

The situation is dramatically different when those amorous glances are not meant for me - especially if they are meant for my smashing neighbour next door. And, especially when the source happens to be an equally smashing neighbour who lives across the door. That is something I shall not delve into for reasons of protecting the sanctity of

Instead what I shall delve into are the signals my neighbour across the door is sending me, not that it is anything more sacrosanct but if you are sinning you might as well satisfy your vanity while at it. Vanity is a trait that is brushed off as being supremely negative because not many are fortunate enough to either possess or understand it. What people do not understand they fear - this psyche formed the very basis for the song 'Fear of the Dark', in the process making members of Iron Maiden millionares and more.

So, fear makes some millionares and some just plain scared. The question we have to ask ourselves is what we would rather be, afraid or rich?

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