21 May 2004


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"You should have shot yourself"

"You could have saved the honour of your family"

The woman, holding the baby, blissfully sleeping, closer to her chest: "I could not help it. The soldiers stopped and..."

The old man, the woman's father, pulls out the rifle from the holster and offers to her, "Take this. Nobody is stopping you now."

The woman looks at the face of the baby and looks at the man, and says, "I have the baby with me, papa."

The old man is furious. "Take this. Else, I will shoot you both." He points the rifle on her forehead.


Would you do this with your daughter upon knowing that she bears a child - either by consent or otherwise - and doesn't know its father is? I know most people would. After all, honour is at stake! Family honour! Honour, prestige, respectability are more precious than individuals, aren't they?? Huh!

Why do we make such things so important? Why do we hold them more important than an individual? Why do we live with such obsessive self-interest that makes us feel we have a right over other persons - no matter who they are? If the father doesn't approve of the daughter's decision, is it not possible for him to simply cut ties with her and let her go and live her life? And damn it, what has she done, after all!?

Freedom from outside is just an illusion. We live with so many psychological prisons! Ironically, our rhetoric for freedom notwithstanding, we imprison ourselves! Ideals, beliefs, opinions, conclusions... Let's stop this. 

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21 May 2004

Murphy's Law - Infallible?

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"If something can go wrong, it will" - Murphy's Law

It confounds me - why doesn't Murphy's law apply to itself? I don't pretend to know the answer, but I'll try to put down what I feel may have a vague relation with:

1.For anything, there is only one way to be right. Any way else is wrong. Naturally, the probability of things going wrong is much higher than that for going right.

2.According to the second law of thermodynamics and the law of conservation of energy, ordered systems tend to disorder and disordered systems tend to stay that way. So, perhaps it is nature's very design that things go wrong rather than right. Disorder or chaos is all-pervading. Order is a star in the sky - it can be reached only by a soul with an elevated consciousness.

Ergo, Murphy's Law is infallible.

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