There are days when I am infused with a zeal to work, to do something worthwhile with the time that I have been given on this earth, to take control of my life, to stand up and be counted. I take a deep breath, stand back, relax and let the crisis blow over.

I have simply gone beyond the need to prove my worth. I don't have any. What I do have plenty of are my endearing traits of chauvinism, a dying art I must say. I am sexist, and a proud one at that. But, mediocre? I am not.

I am not your average Indian male who believes that women should be confined to the four walls. Why the f*** should they have that luxury? I firmly believe in the doctrine of equality - we slogged our balls off the last two thousand years to provide for you and your children. And what did we want in return? Just that you discharge your conjugal duties every once in a while. Was that too much to ask for, considering that you also got 'something' out of it?

For a long time, you did not complain. You kept your mouth shut because you knew that you got the better deal. Then you committed a dastardly act that changed everything - you burnt your bras! Why? If you did not like them, couldn't you have quietly stopped wearing them? But, that has been your nature. You women could never keep anything to yourselves.

Look at what that one moment of indiscretion cost you. You no longer have the luxury of sitting at home. You have to work for menial things like money, something for which all you had to do was to cook your man a decent meal. And, somewhere along the line you picked up this misplaced notion that you were created a man's equal. You believed in this so firmly that you even had headaches, especially when your man had spent the entire day fervently praying that tonight would not be the night for them. But, seriously, what were you thinking? Equal to men? Why would you ever want to limit yourselves to that?

The damage cannot be undone. You have brought this upon you. You wanted to work? You got that. You wanted to be independent? You got that. Now, you want the men to work, too. Go fish! You are getting demanding and unjust. We did not ask you to work. Then what gives you the right to ask us to?

Face it, girl. You lost out big time. We men are big time suckers. We do anything for a woman when she so much as smiles at us. Why would you ever want to do anything more? It is a woman's world out there. Always has been. Why change something that has worked for you as well as this? Check out the top five blogs. Four of them are by women. Does that not tell you a story? Yes, I am the only MAN! And, I also concur with Bertrand Russel:

Before the talk of women's liberation, at least half the world was happy.

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