A group of women, none much different from a fellow blogger, visited Sicily - the place made famous by Mario Puzo.

What they saw was unheard of in the western world. The local women woke up before the crack of dawn. Carrying their water-pitchers on their heads, they walked to the village lake a few kilometres from their homes. On their return, they cleaned their homes and cooked breakfast. They made tea for the men folk and very lovingly woke them up (no, I have no idea how the visitors could witness something as intimate as this, but considering they were women I give them the benefit of the doubt).

They bathed and fed their children, made the beds and left to tend to their fields. They worked the whole day in the scorching sun. The men simply went to the village bar and had a good time over a few drinks while the women toiled.

To say that the visitors were appalled at the sight would be an understatement. They decided it was high time someone did something about it. They called a meeting of all the village women.

One of them, not much different from a fellow blogger, spoke, "Why do you women put up with this?"

Came a voice from the crowd, "Put up with what?"

"Well," the woman replied, "You do all the chores while the men have fun. You know, where we come from our men help us with all the work. They take care of the kids, cook dinner every once in a while, and even do the dishes at night."

A Sicilian woman, very different from a fellow blogger, with a gleam in her eye shot back. "Ah! So you live in a place where all the men go to bed tired!"

Giggling to themselves, the women dispersed while the visitors were left ruing their loss.

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