3 Jun 2004

Monochrome Thought

Posted by Pye in Poetry | 3:54pm

I chance upon a bunch of red
And a background of cemented grey
A small haven in a life so dead
A festive moment against decay

I move a finger to touch a rose
The underside - so velvet soft
Fragrance drifts, I lean in close
Unseeing eyes and spirit aloft

But grey, it seems, will not be denied
It fights, struggles, to come to the fore
It burns my vision from every side
Until I can't deny it anymore

Each day, in me, this battle is fought
And crimson subsides to monochrome thought.

I have a picture window right behind me, where I sit at the computer table. And outside the floor to ceiling window is my mother's terrace garden. She has a large variety of roses. One day, I was sitting here and writing - the words refused to come, so I turned around and glanced outside. There was this enormous bunch of blood red roses blooming on one of the shrubs. They were all together, about 6-7 of them. Do roses bloom in bunches? This was the first time I'd seen it. Exactly beyond that, my neighbour was putting up a new wall and the whole facade was ugly, cement grey. The sight was lovely, the exquisitely red roses blooming against the grey backdrop. Nature vs. man-made things, colour vs. grey, beauty vs. drab dullness - too many thoughts went through my mind. The above is an attempt to capture some of what I felt.


Current Mood: Thoughtful
Current Music: Not listening to anything and why do I have to choose those emoticons? There is NOTHING to match my mood, the way I feel. Right now I feel... half philosophical, half accepting life and somewhat dead.