It was not all that long ago when a mail was sent from, a mail that was to set new benchmarks when it came to instigating people into doing something as absolutely purposeless as blogging. In fact, it even got people to read those blogs. Man, what a mind job! I don't normally appreciate anyone but those at deserve every ounce of this praise (what, you did not expect me to give them heaps of it, did you?).

There is a flipside to this. There are some of us with a constant need to be in the public eye, to be in the limelight, to be the focus of attention. The need is so great that we would do anything short of murder (sometimes even that) to get it. And this is where failed in its duty towards society. In taking away that urge in those like us to murder people they have only succeeded in prolonging their miserable existence.

Then there are others - those who have no such need. And they always make me think about them - Jeez! What a bunch of losers! Why would anyone want to live the life of a nobody? Do yourselves and the society (Yeah, right! You would not know what soceity means, would you? Clue: It is one of those things that you could never get into.) a favour and do the right thing. There is a fine line between being vain and being full of yourself. I crossed that line years ago.

So, don't grudge me when I say that I am the best. I don't grudge you when you say it, do I? I also don't like arguing with idiots. Someone once told me that arguing with idiots was like running in the special Olympics. Even if you won you were still a retard. It is sad that he is not alive today. He had an accident, an unfortunate one. And, I had nothing to with it.

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