15 Jun 2004

Colon Parenthesis

Posted by Pye in Poetry | 12:25pm

Blurred screen through misted eyes
Ponder the what fors and whys
Loud music intrudes on silence
Hurt begins where numbness ends
And In between all of this
I realise just how easy it is
To do a colon parenthesis

No one sees the fingers move
Desperately trying to prove
Hitting keys which speak the lies
Locking my mask on the disguise
No one knows what is remiss
Because so simple it is
To do a colon parenthesis

Now almost a rut impulse
On other things the system mulls
The movement comes just like that
The fingers, on their own, react
I almost don't see the keys
Because so painless it is
To do a colon parenthesis

Current Mood: Feeling Better
Current Music: Satrangi Re