I rarely come to this part of me beloved site. If I do, it is only to please a sibling's wish to peruse some of their favorite blogs or to diss someone's else carefully thought-out typed out crap. But today when I log onto this side of the chaos, I see every critter and its pet critter blogging like there's no tomorrow.

I start this blog not because I envy you other mortals with blogs of your own, but because I'm bored. Simple as that. The DBs have taken on the look of a lonely graveyard on a melancholic Thursday afternoon. I need another empty space to shout out my non-existent principles/beliefs/morals. I need another space to voice my equivocal opinions. I need another space to pen/type down my crap. I need another space to spam. I need, and I'm bored.

Oh, in case you're still reading, another reason to start bloggin as such is 'coz of Philip. Thank you Philip, this is your first mention in a blog, bow down and worship the pain.

Alright, I'm done with my pseudo-intellectual introduction-like thingy.

lets get down to business!!...dis is my blog junta!!...every word i type here is going to be burnt n crapped upon by d awesome force of d spammers around here (includin all of the other me's)!!...y am i doin this?...do i hav a purpose in doin this?...do i hav d mental capacity to type more than 3 paragraphs in complete english?...do i hav mental capacity?...WHO CARES!!

as i'm bound by d laws of d unknown rule-book of bloggin to post somethin wich resembles "content" in here...here i go.

Local anesthesia : one word> awesome. d doc pokes four injections into my left arm,n moments later starts to cut open me dear arm...voila! i can't feel nuthin!...its like watchin a Discovery show shot in some dipsht OT sumwhere...only its ur body...as much as i wanted to see d area bein cut open, d doc dint allow moi...jus got to catch glimpses of it in d doc's spectacles...far out.
n then d moment came to be stitched up...reminded me of all those bodies in Jeepers Creepers, dead n stitched up after doin away wit their internal organs...its like bein on d other side of that corpse. I could feel my skin bein stretched n d thread bein pulled through it, d scissors splicin through, every lil beautiful detail.

Till our next painful encounter,
This is me signin out,

Current Music: Enigma - Mea Culpa