28 Jun 2004

(Bits of you) Safe in me

Posted by Pye in Poetry | 10:06am

Bits of you
haunted I sit
They play upon my memory

Shifting planes
of grief and joy
Random mix of imagery

Where one starts
another ends
The endless, moving tapestry

Sweetest scents
of times elapsed
Bitter at times, some sugary

In each other
the bodies fit
Exact physical symmetry

Velvet soft
your touch on me
So exquisitely feathery

Grasp a scene
so soft and smooth
Withhold a while, then set it free

Spells you cast
I'm hypnotised
Your own brand of sorcery

Close my eyes
And see you there
Then smile because you're safe in me.


Just memories overwhelming the senses... :o)

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