I'm sitting here in my hall, straining my ears to catch the lines of "jadoo tera nazar...khusboo tera badan..tu haan kar..." playin from my neighbours tinny-lil stereo. As I write this I'm hummin "Chanda re..chanda re...kabhi tho aao zameen par". A while ago I was on rediff.com hunting for a mp3 player for meself.* Music. Where would muh brain be without it?(in d same place it is now,but jus more borin..). Its an art which defies meaning, from moving lyrics to a soulful tune, music has the quality of taking moi to euphoric heights or bringing me down to melancholic lows. Every single phase in my life has bin clearly defined by music, heck,I think many of us would agree with me on this.

Flashback to 1994-'95, 6th Grade : I had to write an essay on my favorite musician/singer/transvestite, I dint write nothing because I dint know any of those types. It all started in the summer o '96, back in Hyd for my hols, I found the tapes of Air Supply lying in the dusty lil sony. From there to Boyzone ( :-D) in 8th grade till all the way to intermediate, with a spattering of MLTR, Meatloaf, Dr.Alban, the NOW collections, Sugar Ray, Savage Garden and all the wondahfully mushy Hindi movies in between.

I can sense a lotta rock enthusiasts ,reading this, cringing at the mention of these names. Sure, I had my share of Bon Jovi ( Always,wow) , Bryan Adams (all of 'em),Eagles...Fact is, for me , music is music. Blurring all genres ,boundaries and sexual preferences (Boyzone ,BSB, Elton John --> I mean you). From the trance-inducing beats of Paul Oakenhold to the depressing ,tormented cries of Evanescence, from the tear-rending tune of KKKH(sad version...:-) ) to the total shake-ur-booty-ability of Nelly/Passionfruit/50Cent, from the unbelievably mushy feelings which " I belong to you" generates in moi to the wide-eyed respect for the lead guitarist of G'n'R in Sweet Child o' Mine(yes, i do not know his name), from the stark-in-ur-face-reality of Eminem's "Stan" to.....You get it dont ya?  I'm not a rock afficianado, I'm not a despo fan of gay boy bands and I'm not a brotha from da hood groovin wit D12. I do not care who's singin, who's strummin ,who's bangin those drums or who's spinnin d disc..I'm in it for the music and yes, I love it, all of it.

Time has flown at the speed of..well,however fast time flies. I'm nearing the end of another significant phase of me life. The final year of engineering beckons. Its over to Hoobastank and Lifehouse for now. I know that I have a song for every occasion, a tune for every semester, to take back with me. They say that when we die, we take our music with us. I do not know what I'll be humming then, but I sure will be humming.




*still looking for it. care to donate one?

PS : I completely forgot to mention Hymns and Choruses. You'd know them better as carols n church songs. :-) They are/were there for me at every step of my life , before 6th grade too. My first music as such.

Current Mood: Grand
Current Music: Pal Pal Dil ke paas...frm d nburs place n a faint hint o eagles frm my room