When you have not made a post for as long as I have it kind of becomes difficult to start again. Not because you don't get ideas. Paucity of them has never been a hurdle - I write crap anyway.

Since I am making a reappearance, I have to make sweeping statements. The buzzword in the Indian Economy has been privatisation for a long time now. It is disturbing to note that the concept has made its way into the arena of fullhydblogs, too. It is a trend which has to be done away with, and I am not talking of the Economy.

Over the last few months I realised that the Indian Economy is booming, and that is despite the best efforts of the government. Alas, the same is not true of blogs. Come to think of it, nothing much is true of blogs, not even the content in them. So, I guess one must not care too hoots for some loser's ramblings that were made on a Saturday night just because he/she was not able to get a date.

But, it does make you wonder about the psycology behind the whole thing. Is this a vindication of my theory of reverse vanity? The theory states: Reverse vanity is a state of being in which people become so full of themselves that they consider even a cursory glance of a lesser being (read the rest of the world) derogatory to their existence, so much so that they decide to vanish from the pubic eye.

It is not so much of a mental condition as it is a condional mentality. People afflicted with it are known to make general sweeping statements and being self-righteous. The occurence of the condtion is not known to the junta outside the realms of the fullhyd bloggers because I did not deem them fit enough for it. So, celebrate you all - at least someone appreciates your lowly existence!

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