6th July 2004

aloque | 7 Jul 2004, 9:06am

This has been an amazing day, one for the soul. Nothing spectacular happened, but thats just it. The human being's happiness is mostly not in the spectacular.

One of the best kinds of compliments a person can receive is one with an element of surprise, from a person I respect who recognises somthing in me that I haven't ever thought of myself as being. After all, I have been sticking to my theory that the best compliments are those that I'm already sure of. At least I'd know that I wasn't being taken for a ride. Maybe, I didn't give people enough credit. Maybe, I didn't trust them enough. I was comfortable and that is where I wanted to be. But, today was so different. Receiving praise for something I have done without any pre determination, just being myself is a very nice feeling.

And that happened twice today. First thing this morning and last thing tonight. If there is someone scripting my life, and days like these make me almost believe there is, all I have to say is good job, dude.

Current Mood: Happy Indeed!
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