Dearest Minions!

:D :D :D :D :D :D

Cognizant Technologies is going DOWN man!! Paynefull effects soon to follow...whoa that Deo reallly worked!

You heard it right, the Payne is through. CTS, here I go!  I ain't got much to talk about, unlike depression and wrath, happiness is not much of a stimulant to type away.

I do have something else to say though. The saddest thing in a victory is having to see someone very close to you lose. Its one of the worst and awkward moments in life. I mean...I'm happy but damn I feel bad. Feeling guilty of your success is the worst type of guilt. I have made up reasons to understand why they didn't pick him, I have answers but *sigh*. Chalta hain, I guess, you steam-roller the next company coming down ovah here to Gandipet, dude. :-)

Before I sign off, I so cudn't help grinning when I saw the comments by the DBs ppls ovah on my blog.:D :D

I mean, Lubin (**blows a kiss**) , Mayavi, the omnipotent PMoW!! Totally happy, guys, amazing how a few lines of text typed by a stranger miles away lifts your heart:D. I didn't get to read 'em till now, its bin less than 1/2 n hr since I got home. Campus Placements ROCK! martiandevil(1st to wish me) ,CNut n sykoboi(1st to congratulate me) i dint forget you guys...thank you thank you :D

They do listen to Outlandish here in hyd...and Mayavi you will NOT believe this. Raj, yes, RAJ was one of the guys who took MY interview. :O He's from BITS Pilani am I right? Dude, this is one heckuva small world.

Somewhere close to Cloud#9...someone who finally believes in himself again....someone who believes that happiness does exist...elation i mean...someone who is also verrry sleepy....someone who is gonna wake up 2mro morning wit a big grin on his face...

That someone is me....duh.


PS : man..i feel good....

PPS: DNA - National Dyslexics Association

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