10th July 2004

aloque | 11 Jul 2004, 12:35am

People. Are they capable of change? I mean, deep down inside, are we really capable of it? Day in and day out, we torment ourselves with thoughts of what we have become and what we might have been. Our thoughts might differ from day to day, our actions might surprise us moment to rare moment, but when it comes down to the basics, do the same things go into making us happy or sad? Satisfied of dissatisfied? Are we programmed to a certain way of living too early for us to recognise? And do we spend the rest of our lives denying who we are and attempting to be something more than we are capable of? Do we live lives that are pre destined not so much in regards to the actual events that occur in our lives, but in regards to the limitations within which we can react to those situations?

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