Words like violence

aloque | 12 Jul 2004, 6:02am

Here I am alive and breathing

inhale exhale inhale exhale

Here I am alone and unfeeling

drained from all of your tales.

Who am I fighting so hard?

When did I make these choices?

Is it you? Is it me? I am just tired.

All I hear now are empty voices

whose words are wounding deep,

Here I am, you are still unseen,

taunting, questioning. No escape.

Don't rape the silence that might heal,

here I am, shoot me where I stand

plunge your knives into my neck

Rat a tat rat a tat a tat and

don't leave me alive, thats a mistake.

Tear into my skin and look inside

but it still will not make me care,

New understanding you will not find,

my conscience is already bare

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