20th July 2004

aloque | 20 Jul 2004, 10:07pm

The Hyderabad map is worth 75 bucks and it is probably the best thing I have bought in a while (well, those 200 bucks over the weekend were something else altogether). Coming back to the map, there are so many places in Hyderabad that I have not been to, and when someone recently offered me the opportunity to explore all that, petrol paid for, I promptly gave my bike to the service station and am arming myself with a map that is almost as big as me, a camera, and a gut feeling that this is going to be one hell of a month.

Today was spent bravely venturing into territory that I have never been to before. Beyond the Charminar. Immediately the ornate masjid opens up in front of the eyes, beautiful and old. There is so much romance in old stone. The rickshaw pullers are still allowed in this part of the city and add to the comedy that is commuting on these roads. Another striking thing was the number of women in burkhas. Never seen so many of them in one place. Many minarets and domes poke out of the city scape giving it a true 'old city' feel.

Glad to have been there. Hyderabad, here I come.

Current Mood: Happy
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