Art for arts sake - Hyderabad journal - day 2

aloque | 21 Jul 2004, 9:27pm

Two ends of one spectrum. A spectrum of love, of passion undiluted by materialism, undisturbed by the bleakness of the future, unsatiated by success beyond the wildest of dreams. Continuing with my Hyderabad travels today, I had the good, no, amazing, even that seems insufficient, fortune to meet two people today.

One, young, strong of body and mind, a dreamer faced with a future that has the bleakest possibilities, and yet is unafraid, just living his passion, whereever that may lead him. So many people like that do not see that dream come true. He was a student in an acting school.

Another, a man who was brought up in the slums of Hyderabad, not a penny in his pocket, but a million dreams in his head, now a man who has performed 10,000 shows in 60 countries all over the world, magnificent in humility, still passionately in love with his art of acting. A living example of what happens when dreams come true.

Art is uplifting, because there is no permanent satisfaction that can be gained from it externally. Validation is of the self by the self and art is love in its purest form, an end in itself.

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