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aloque | 23 Jul 2004, 11:53pm

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Hyderabad Journal - day 4

aloque | 23 Jul 2004, 11:16pm

An man is only as old as he allows himself to be, I think. Experience has a way of dulling the senses, making once exciting things seemingly mundane. The truly happy man is one then who figures out how to escape this trap. Seeing life like its something new, day after day might seem juvenile, maybe even impossible, but I saw today in a 75 year old man,  a child's look of disappointment, the glee of an excited teen and the wisdom of his years just told him that he was all of those people. They continue to live with him and they make his life as happy as it is. How sad is it that we leave our past behind all the time? How sad is it to grow up and not recognise the people we were?



Have you seen the Hussain Sagar on a rainy day? The water becomes choppy and the skies and water attain the same dull grey, and the cool breeze signalling the 'any moment now' rainfall. Its so uplifting. Far in the horizon was an area where it was, in fact, raining and streaks of grey spread across the evening sky. I was in a hurry to get somewhere but the sight just made me stop, 2 vehicles nearly ran me over but I made it to the other side to take a couple of pictures. Wish I could put them up.


Damn, can I love this city more?

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