aloque | 25 Jul 2004, 6:30pm

Unfettered, I have roamed, my will

a vagrant, thrown around by wavering

winds of convenience and ease,

changing directions to skirt obstacles,

instead of fighting, pleasures avoiding,

the courage I had was but cowardice.

Voices waged a war inside my head,

siphoning volume from my insecurities.

My own voice is a whisper in the chaos,

lost, as I bend and crawl, unconscious,

like a puppet on a string. The freedom

I had set me free only from my self.

All the emotion left inside me now may

not suffice, but I place in you my faith

and surrender to the shackles of truth.

Lead me where you will, I will follow,

Command me as you will, I will submit.

This belief I have is but my blindness.

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Laughter induced exhaustion

aloque | 25 Jul 2004, 5:30am

I guess this is more of an experiment to see if in this state I can actually write. Now, by this state, I mean a state of party induced exhaustion, real roll on the floor, tear in the eyes, tummy ache until you want to die laughing induced exhaustion.

Today was such a trip! It was about mellow moods, loads of music, long conversations, fleeting glances, self restraint, midnight bike rides and getting drenched in the early morning rain. Add to that so much laughter.

Still don't want to sleep. My Sunday is already looking mighty small. I am glad for all the night duties. 22 hours and still up like the energizer rabbit. Guess I will stick around for the sunrise.



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