July 29th,8:06PM . Dungeon of Pain

Jus woke up from me evenin nap. One of those times when I feel realllllly happy. Me feels me should utilise dis moment here to pen down utterly crappy crap. Havin a long conv 'bout the relative hotness of chics in one window, n talkin to a relatively hot chic in the other, readin that weirdass neuro post on his shadow, still fumin at whg for totally fukkin it up, another girl hung up on me after i tried to explain Schrodinger n Pandora in explicit detail..still feeeling good. Jus wanna hang onto this moment right here till the lurkin sense of responsibility to go do somethin comes out into the open. Baazigar o Baazigar on winamp. Still shell-shocked from the breakin news about one of the bloggers around here. Reality slowly startin to kick into my veins. Bloody bastard logged outta yahoo, no more hot-chic related conversation. Still continuin the other conversation, all the while GRINNING like aloque on dope. Swayin to n fro to the dumbest song on the planet. 3 CDs of GRE on my desk, not one in the CD-ROM drive, go figure! Tryin to log into fullhyd.com/blogs while i type this in notepad. Some goddam error.

My December on winamp. This is my cue. I'm outta here.

Elvis HAS left the building.



PS : Life is cruel i tell u. Cruel. Jus wen I feel like postin spontaneously, fullhyd goes apeshit on me. :|

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