1 Aug 2004

Living dead

Posted by doesitmatter in General | 12:33pm

I am really pissed off, most people think I have lost it, I know have streaks of madness in me but they know apeshit about my streaks, what they are referring to is something else altogether, everybody I speak to (except for him, ofcourse we work together and he has a certificate to prove he's lost it) thinks that I am taking too much risk, some even want me never to meet them because the cops must be on my heels already and after eliminating me in an encounter will go after them because they were associated with a terrorist who was trying to understand and present the predicament of a community.

I am told by reliable sources it won't be very difficult to prove that I was actually involved with terrorist organizations intent on bombing poor civilians. Snoopy people cannot be tolerated and am curious as hell, comes naturally, allright I do get carried away and might learn more than I need to, but to be threatened with elimination?

For instance I recently discovered that we have an active cell in RAW which specializes in counter terrorism of a unique kind, after communal riots and large scale mayhem, the survivors are obviously smarting for revenge, what better time to identify the potential terrorists? The cell then swings into action, fanning out as recruiting agents for the various terrorist organizations looking for potential recruits, any one who's eager to avenge his sister's rape or mothers killing or is even sympathetic to the cause of revenge is identified and filed. Next time a chief minister is in trouble or an important promotion is round the corner a successful encounter will clinch the deal for you, the list of sympathizers is a ready reference just for such times.

Do I know too much already? Hmm probably not but I must watch my ears and remember to shut them before I find out too much. Well I was sharing this bit with an upstanding member of our society, an industrialist, a family friend and until a while ago someone I looked up to, he promptly shut his ears and told me not so subtly that if responsible people like him stand by me they risk harassment after my elimination. In other words my elimination is a foregone conclusion and I am making life difficult for other upstanding members of our society, I must think of a way to ensure that others don't get into trouble on my account he said sagely. He even added that others might not even want to meet me in their offices. Which world am I living in? Mr. Moore you are goddamned lucky u are an american, u can take bush's ass and mint millions, poor tejpal didn't know what hit him when he broke the defence scandal, poor guy, he went to sleep dreaming of glory...i am told hes survived and thats reassuring for the moment. yea right, I am not too practical, infact I am downright naive, but hell I don't know how else to live.

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