Very few events have an impact on me which is so profound that it makes a dent on my ego. After all, it does take a lot to fish on dry land.

A few days ago, as I was happy and cheerful, I knew things were not very right. Some part of the universe had gone drastically wrong. It is not often that I am happy and cheerful. And it is not often that things don't go wrong.

I visit the blogs home page of and I see that I have been plonked off the most popular blogs list! That is something a man can take lying down. But, being plonked off the list by two people in one day is not something any homo sapien who calls himself even remotely human would take very kindly to.

What does that mean? No, I am not referring to what a human being can take kindly to. I am concerned with the big picture. In the over all context of things, this could have a potentially profound impact on the world of blogging. It could change the face of blogging as we have come to know it.

Depending on whether your tastes are classy or slapstick, not necessarily in that order, you would be in a state of either lament or ecstasy, again, not necessarily in that order. But this post is not about you - why would I ever write about anyone other than me? And, it is not about me, either. Man, what is going on with me? I am actually not writing about me? Well, I guess the impact is already being felt and is much more sinister than I had previously fathomed it to be.

Those who have been following my blog (that <i>handful</i> of the most <i>blessed junta</i> on fullhydblogs) would know that I have made a habit of writing on subjects which, ideally, should not even come under the defintion of the word. Others <b>had</b> been lucky - until now, that is. As Cypher would have said, "Why oh why didn't you go elsewhere?" Need I say any more?

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