17 Aug 2004

Just once

Posted by Pye in Poetry | 9:55am

To live just once
Inside my head
Where darkness implodes
on itself...

Where I look closely
at myself
Hating the total

To see just once
Through your eyes
Where beauty reigns

Where I fall in love
once again
With all that is
purely me.

Different points of view. Each person comes into a relationship with his own baggage, his own beliefs, values, confused thoughts and a unique combination of circumstances which make him what he is at any given point of time. To see another's point of view exactly as he sees it himself... is that truly possible? Sometimes it just is... and then you have to decide whether you like the view. Thinking... maybe you really are wrong and he is right. The maybes are tough. The thinking is draining.

What happened last night?

Half-baked thoughts, these.

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