There are somethings that defy logic. Like, if there is sky above and ground below all you need is Master Card. As if anyone in their right minds would want to travel to the bowels of the earth or upper reaches of the atmosphere solely for the purpose of swiping their plastic. That is not the only thing that defies logic. There is also this blog.

Sometimes I shudder to think what I would have done if had not given us the feature of blogs. Blogged elsewhere? Not a chance in hell! You see, that is what sets people like me apart. We never take the logical route to anything. We might travel to Jhumritalayya (for the uninitiated, that place sends in the most number of requests for Cibaca Geetmaala on Vividh Bharati) by Bus but we would almost never take a plane to it, mostly because it does not have an airstrip but that is besides the point.

The point is what would have happened if did not exist. I would probably have ended up blowing a couple of million of my fortune on buying Penguin Books so that I could get my ramblings published. Except that I do not have one. Not fortune, silly. Ramblings. Everyone I have met has assured me I don't. Not ramblings, silly. Fortune. But that would not deter a man with as strong a resolve as mine, would it? The fact that does indeed exist would.

Also, I am yet to come across such a man. The man with that kind of resolve, silly. What makes you think that I would ever want to buy up Penguin Books? I already have Not bought it, silly. I just have it to post blogs and use up gigabytes upon gigabytes of diskspace on the web. Not have as in 'have your soup', silly. Just plain and simple have as in 'have a house'. Not that I have a house for any other purpose other than that of possession. But, that does not mean I possess or even that I am possessed by it.

There are somethings that defy login. No, I did not make a gaffe. Windows, for instance, always has. Made a gaffe, and defied login. Perhaps that was too harsh. On windows users. I rephrase - 'Made gaffes and defied login'. That it also defies logic is not something I hold against it. Expectations must always be reasonable.

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