So I'm here. Finally bit the bullet and all dat. Private audience and all dat too :D

So I'm typing out "too many identities. none dat's me." and i run into this passage in this book i'm leafing through. reproducing here.

Laurence Vincent in "Legendary Brands", writes...

Author Neal Gabler best sums up our present cultural order when he refers to each of us as an actor in a life movie, or "lifie". He further argues that we switch between movies on a frequent basis throughout our day.

In one moment, we may play the role of a daring hero, in the next the role of a tortured slave. Like great method actors, we are able to reconstruct a character profile for ourselves based on the situation at hand, and act accordingly.

His summation of the way in which we presently view ourselves confirms what sociologists and cultural anthropologists have espoused for decades: the theory of post-modernism.

Postmodernism asserts a new social order governed by demorcracy and populated by people by people who continuously adapt their behaviour and their identity to life's raidly and ever changing circumstances. One individual may have four or five identities, each suited to a different purpose. ... Most important, [people] living in the postmodern world seek a narrative (or narratives) upon which to base their identity.

interesting writeup :p verry interesting. me seconding evrything dat's said. especially wondering about that narrative bit in the end...for some of us, its religion innit?

so. which is the real me? and who are all these people around me?


signing off with Phil Collins singing sumthing apt

"I just kno there's something bigger out there.
I wanna kno...can you show me?
I wanna know about these strangers like me.
...Tell me more about these strangers like me."

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