Posted by D.Raw El Payne 27 August 2004, 12:47pm

This be the poster :D :D

MORE free publicity!! :p

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Posted by D.Raw El Payne 27 August 2004, 2:13am

'Tis been a while ain't it? Well, when you're a ghost driving down hell's highways thats what happens. You tend to get involved in the drive, in dying in the moment, again and again, reliving or redying those few moments again and again. You just love to see those images over n over, its like having your own lil DVD of your life, an interesting collection of images which obviously meant the most to you in that life. Actually, its a bit boring on this side, it maybe surreal as hell, but it is boring. To login into your virtual laptop everyday and just comment and nothing else, try to keep up that facade of coolness, all the while pining to post again. I had an immense urge to come outta my hiatus and post on death again, but that wud be a bit repetitive wouldn't it? And for all those visitors to this site who diligently keep me firmly entrenched in this fifth spot down here, I, as a ghost, feel that I should atleast make grand comebacks once in a while.

Tonight has been another one of those introspective nights, jus like all those nights by myself when I was alive. I spoke to people who questioned my very existence, by "existence" I mean, my mental side. Not mental mental, just that psychotic side of me. Not psychotic dammit, ah yes, the thinking side of me. 'twas the usual "am I who I portray myself to be" conversations, not just with one person but TWO. We dead dudes I tell you, we have too much time.

Ok, enough with the crap already. I didn't post cuz Payne here has been muchos muchos busy. Between hurrying from one conference hall to the other, dishing out "sponsor proposals" for one company or the other, chalking out POAs for THE day, making ideas, creating events, writing bombastic crap and designing. Ah, designing. Where would I be without my good ole pirated copy of Adobe Photoshop? Somewhere else, but heck its nice to ask arbit questions like that once in a while. But there's a limit to my "creative side" (my ass!..hahaha..that pun has so many levels!). So, here I am, all groggy eyed and typing when I oughta be hitting keyboard shortcuts and painting history in the making. Dammit.

Here's some publicity for drp==>> The next time you stop at the traffic lights at punjagutta circle, look up to your right (if you're coming from Somajiguda that is), right up there would be a 40ft by 20ft HOARDING done by D_r_P! :D Couldn't help it! Had to mention that! :D

Oh yeah. September 4th, CBIT. Be there. Live the moment (as such). Get your bums over here, we ARE in a shortage of bums.

To reiterate in redundancy, September 4th. Venue : CBIT, where the sun never sets. (adhe ento..)


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