This is about me. And YOU. And EVERYONE on this site.


I'm one of those irritating people who like to point out the painful things in life...who like to stand up and say 'wtf' when every around wants to say it...but aint...Maybe not. Maybe its just the anonymity that's making me incorrigible :D Heck...watever it is, who cares? Coz here we go trashin this blog world again :D


So my frends blog. A lot of em. A lot. I mean, a LOT of blogging...AND a LOT of they do. And a LOT of my siblings do. A lot. Same shit here too. :p So methinks wad_they_all_blog_about ya? They be finding so many things to write about!

And the more i think about it, the more i think there ought to be blog awards and shit...i'm like, shouldn't sum1 be handing out prizes and stuff to all 'em regular bloggers??? I mean,check THIS comment out from a master blogger called Dave Linabury (excerpt from

"Linabury...has created a site that keeps a log of dead weblogs -- it's called Fucked Weblog, ...and he thinks that people don't realize how hard it is to do good blog.

"It really can take a lot of time," he said. "I spend two hours a day on my weblog. Many people don't realize this, they think it's a quick way to get popular. And after awhile they get really discouraged and say, 'he got 2,300 hits today, I got four.' The bulk of people out there get less than two dozen hits."

So, according to this d00d...regular bloggers spend 40% of their free hours in the day on their blogs...Holy Cow. :| Well, that's awrite...a man shud hav his pastime n all (so shud a woman. usage of the word 'man' here is only for convenience in typing. uh. )...but then...heck, if it's so much effort, i say ppl should get rewarded for it...and i dont mean just in Hits...

Well, now that i've stretched MY two lines into two HUNDRED (as i'm wont to :P)... i present, without further ado...tan-tara!


No. That doesnt read 'Aunty Bloggies'. That would be weird. And wouldn't generally be allowed on fullhyd. I think.  [ rolleyes BIG time here] What IS it? It's the answer to my prayers. And some others' too i'm guessing. Let's see now. In's words...

"Dave Linabury and Leia Scofield, two bloggers themselves, unveiled the ... annual Anti-Bloggies. These awards roast bloggers for being boring or lame or obsessed or weird."

In the creators' words? This is what they fine print at the bottom of every page...

"FINE PRINT: The Anti-Bloggies are basically another B.S. awards ceremony. Getting one won

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