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Posted by chandu | 28 Oct 2004, 4:15pm


  Here is a list of my all-time favourite songs:
  1).Mere naina sawan bhado..I never get tired of listening to this song.Kishoreda sings in a  high-pitch in this song and it is such a wonderful experience listening to him.This definetely has to be one of the best songs sung by Kishore Kumar.i am sure Kishore`s fans
  at will agree with me.
  2).I believe i can fly.Perhaps the only hit of R Kelly`s career.This song inspires everybody who listens to it.It has got amazing lyrics and will certainly lift u up!I`ll copy-paste some of the lines from the song:
  If I can see it, then I can be it
  If I just believe it, there's nothing to it
  [1] - I believe I can fly
  I believe I can touch the sky
  I think about it every night and day
  Spread my wings and fly away
  I believe I can soar
  I see me running through that open door
  I believe I can fly
  I believe I can fly
  I believe I can fly

  how true na?
  3).Bharat humko jaan se pyaara hain.How can i forget to include this awesome song!Music by AR Rehman and sung by Hariharan.This movie(Roja) marked the entry of AR Rehman into Bollywood.
  What a movie to make his presence felt in Bollywood!A must listen for every patriotic Indian.
  4).Summer of 69:Bryan Adams
    This one shld have been at the top of my list.I wanted to learn playing the guitar after listening to this song.Bryan adams feeling nostalgic in this song.u rarely hear good lyrics these days.Nostalgia isnt what it used to be!
  5).Nothing else matters-Metallica.Again,a song with good lyrics.I am
  talking abt lyrics again and again bcos a song is incomplete without
  good lyrics.The song talks of love,care,trust etc.
  So close no matter how far

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Posted by chandu | 23 Oct 2004, 9:52am

   Hi folks!Just spend some at the site given below.its definetely worth
  a visit! The site tells us abt how a brave 22 year old laid down his
  life for our good.I dont think i`ll do a good job of describing his
  bravery and sacrifice.Read on abt the man,his mission and his

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