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Morning after.

Neurotron | 28 October 2004, 10:42am

The fragrance of the night past still lingers on
the struggling silences bursting at the seams,
talking to lazy sunbeams
jealous of the painful beauty and my complete lack of attention

Ethereal wraith, you rise and my spirits follow
even before my first wave of emotion has been ridden
to the hilt, faced the bullets, senses forbidden
pleasures lying there, spent shells, though not forever hollow.

Memories, filtered and crystallized
reluctant drops of mercury register the latent heat
as my mind walks forgotten chemical streets
you return with fiery spheres of ice


Current Mood: Thoughtful
Current Music: Lady - Colonial Cousins (more the video, actually)

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Neurotron | 18 October 2004, 2:55pm

...but try to stop before you become incontinent.

After ages, my office firewalling system didn’t block Man, that site is addictive! If you’re a movie/tv buff, that is THE place. It’s like Neurotron in friggin' Wonderland when I go there... I’m just sorta wandering thru the pages, clicking on random links (bless my office for 100 Mbps net)…I LOVE that site.

Search for Saturday Night Live and you get links. Then, on the left, you get ‘memorable quotes’. I spent about 25 minutes looking at Chris Rock’s shows. My stummick started hurting with laughter after about 10. Then I made the ill-advised (but immensely enjoyable and totally not-regretted) trip over to Ali G. If you haven’t heard of him, or have never watched him in action, or don’t understand the Brit sense of humour and subcultures, you may not find it all that funny. But I had to keep stuffing my fist into my mouth to stop laughing out loud. People staring, me not caring – it was all good.

As it is, I’m a misfit here. I keep to my corner, look at strange, not those sites! (Those are all blocked, the damn things...) But sites with lot of ‘English’, and dark gothic sites, and sites of ‘English Rock Bands’, and ‘Blogs’... nobody has a friggin clue here, except one or two. Man, one day I will do a post on ‘My colleagues and other animals’. I have half of it done already.

But laughing is good. Very.

Current Mood: Cheerful
Current Music: Californication - RHCP

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Bike for sale

Neurotron | 14 October 2004, 1:39pm

I guess this is as good a forum as any.

I would like to sell my bike. The details are as follows.

Hero Honda Splendor, Black, 99 September model. 34000 km done. It is in excellent driving condition. All original parts, very regularly serviced. New battery, clutch plates and rear wheel tube. With accessories - saree guard and tail light guard. Believe me, these accessories are a must. I've seen people refuse to buy a tail light guard because it doesn't look 'cool' or something, but I think it makes the bike look coolER. And I've seen brand new bikes get tail lights broken because some moron behind in traffic didn't brake in time. I believe some of the newer bikes don't even have this facility - the guy in the Honda showroom (for the Unicorn) didn't even KNOW what a tail light guard was.

These two accessories alone cost more than 500 bucks now.

It's been single user throughout. It's difficult to know the value of that fact, but people who know how careful a rider I am will vouch for it. Even after 5 years, the bike gives a mileage of 60, at least, in city driving conditions and 70 on highways. The pickup is not too bad, and does really well with a single rider. Of course, the pickup drops with pillion, but hey, it's a 100 cc 4-stroke bike - it has its limitations!

Lastly, I believe the number means a lot to some people, so I'll put that here too. I'm told it's a 'fancy number' - AP10 M 7008.

The asking price is Rs 25,000 and I've reached this figure after checking out quite a few other Splendors on the second hand market. I honestly believe my bike is worth it.

If anyone is interested, they are most welcome to contact me and check out the bike. Please leave your phone number and/or email id in the comments section, or mail me at

I am looking to sell within the next week or two - I will be putting an ad in the papers as well. So if you're interested, let me know asap!

Current Mood: Bye!
Current Music: Bye bye love...*sniff*

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Neurotron | 13 October 2004, 12:19pm

...and then, there's 'Maakafite', or it may be 'Maakafight', or even 'Maakafyte' (nobody has clearly defined it, hence the spelling is open to interpretation and phonetics)


In Hyderabad, even 'Maaki kirkiri' makes sense. Go figure.

Apparently, my office comp needs a 3D accelerator graphics card. It couldn't handle the brutality of the 70 consecutive games of 3D Pool I played yesterday, added to the 50 of the day before. So the screen was inverted when I turned on the comp this morning. Even the IT helpdesk guys had never seen anything like it. So let me get this straight - it's worth giving me a brand new comp worth some 60K, with a 100 Mbps net connection, but NOT worth giving me a graphics card? How am I ever going to completely experience the wonder that is Quake 3 or even NFS whichever version?? C'mon people! Let's get some perspective here!

My job rocks.

It's time to say goodbye to Monique. It's been 5 lovely years, with some really, really lovely memories. I was her first, she was mine. Fidelity, stamina, patience...she had it all. My friends had a saying about us, which they would tell newbies - 'you can ask him for his wife and you may get her, but don't ask for Monique' (translated from the original Telugu). But the time has come for a change. I believe I gave her a fair run, and I can only hope the next guy will treat her as well as I have.

I think I need a more powerful bike now.

Pulsar was the first idea. Now I've been asked to consider Honda's new Unicorn. I would do it too, because I think I can probably trust a Honda engine anywhere. Gotta do it soon though...I only have a year left (hopefully).

But, problem.

After checking out the bikes, I see there's not much to choose between them, really. Except the Unicorn is gonna take 85 FRIGGIN DAYS for delivery! And I can get the Pulsar in 3 hours. a tough decision.

Pffft..yeah, right.

Thank you for flying Disjointed Airways. Your captain was The Neurotron, who is about to lose it very soon. Wanna stick around? We is gonna keep flaaayin maan...where be dat spliff?

Current Mood: Bored
Current Music: Money - Pink Floyd

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Neurotron | 7 October 2004, 10:37am

There was something about the way she gently placed her hand on his shoulder. It said something about trust, about affection. They hardly spoke as he drove, it didn’t matter where anymore. It was almost like every cell on his back felt her fingertips. Waited, breathlessly, for the tentative brush. He yearned for the touch to be more forceful, to indicate a quiet confidence. Bur he knew that would somehow detract from the feeling, which was now more than just a physical presence of her hand on his shirt.

He wanted so much to tell her how much he enjoyed this. How he hadn’t felt this way in years. How a quiet shudder surges through his bones when she puts her arms around his waist and puts her head on his shoulders. But he also wanted all of these to come of her own volition – not as a conscious effort because he told her.

But then, he’d never known how to tell her...

Current Mood: Thoughtful
Current Music: You - Radiohead

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