Posted by Deidamea 30 November 2004, 9:46am

Have you ever met a guy who is blonde, blue eyes, good physique, 6ft tall and is totally cool? Well yeah am sure if you have been to < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />America, I bet you have.< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

I have a similar guy in calculus class, was damn sweet, everything you could hope for in a guy pal. He was funny, cute, did not act like a dude, dint show off or anything, he was just perfect. One thing I found strange was he had long hair, beautiful blonde hair might I add but considering the fact that it was longer than mine and obviously looked better than mine or anybody in the class kinda turned me off. Anyway spent three months sitting next to this guy in class, spoke to him, studied with him, had lunch with him, in the end I mean to say I hung out with him.  He used to often tell me about his pretty girlfriend, just found that stuff interesting. One day he finally told me he split up with his gurl because ahem ahem ahem she caught him sleeping with another guy.

I was like holllly shit are you gay???? He was like no am bisexual. You should have seen my face, y jaw dropped to the floor and I think my tongue rolled out almost for 2 miles. I was seriously trying to control that pathetic look on my face while he was trying to explain how much he misses his girlfriend and how much he likes having sex with his boyfriend but it was very very very DIFFICULT.

I always wanted a gay friend, you know a guys perspective and a girls perspective but this more than what I bargained for. Now he cut his hair, its short and spikes it everyday because he split with his gay boyfriend to again start dating girls. CONFUSED……………………….totally confused. I was taken back, I was like, I hung out with this guy…..thank god he dint ask me out.

Posted by Deidamea 29 November 2004, 9:23pm

Can anybody be more irritated than me???< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

I had to sit in my English class today and watch 45mins of ultimate crap. WHAT crap? Well my eng professor made us watch a movie filled with monkeys. Nope, it was NOT the planet of the apes, well in the beginning when I saw I thought it was but he basically made us watch a bunch of monkeys jumping around back n forth, OVER and OVER again damn, I dint understand what the hell was happening. I made a million faces, shifting left to right in my seat, looking at all my friends and trying to understand what they are watching. For a second there I though they were telepathic or something….able to read monkey minds and understand the reason for hyper jumping issues.


Simply monkeys jumping finding stick, fighting with those sticks (DAMN) I sware on this fucked up planet I DID NOT understand anything.

So after 45min of ultimate torture, my screwed up professor tells us "I showed you this because its like when you are writing your essay there is this one moment when suddenly something comes to mind and your essay is based on THAT

" WHAT DA FCK?????

I had to watch 45mins monkey jumping bullshit to listen to 3mins speech about how you get an idea damnnnn

So now am thinking (very deeply) (very very very deeply)

Am I the only one who is mad to pay a hell lot to watch monkeys, apes whatever they are called jumping or are others equally mad????


Feeling really irritated. I wanted to make him watch "hum apke hai kaun" 13 songs, major torture, that should teach him a lesson to make  me watch "MoNkeY MoVie"

Then again it might be difficult to make him watch it, may be i should take a cricket bat and hit him dhana dan dhana dan

Posted by Deidamea 29 November 2004, 8:58am

Life is like filled with different experiences, some making you feel better than what you are, some making you feel wayyyyyy better that what you are.

This was one of those days when I felt I was so much better

Was a lunch today, what a bunch of weirdos. I met quite a few people (American returns), particularly people who were married, they seemed pretty cool

But today’s experience somehow managed to change my opinion. I had to attend all the lame parties with my cousins because the last time my dad was here, he made sure that everybody knows that his daughter was going to come. Everyone had to see me and made sure to invite me to every possible pathetic “desi” party in the city. I had to drag myself to today’s party as well, conversations among a bunch of housewives who by the way have and American accent with “butler” English.

The conversation starts off

Lady A: ayi me and husbaaand went soppin (shoppin) for thankz giving syle (sale)

Lady B: (goes on non-stop about her and her husbaaand brought a non stick pan for $35)

Lady C: WOW oh my gawd, you got it Vonly (only) for 35?

Lady B: yaw (yeah) it is still there in kohls, I will giu (give) you  a cooopon (coupon)

Me: why are you obsessing about a non-stick pan don’t you get it for 10 in walmart?

Lady A: ayi you dint know?

Me: What?

Lady C: arey it is almast(almost) 6 times aver(our) dosa pan size

Me: well then why do you need something so large?

Lady A: just like that

Me: whaaaaaaaat

Lady B: me and my husbaaand brought that music player(ah finally though something cool, may be I know something about this) it is small, compact ahha shes got a boombox to listen to ultimate chirangivi songs damnnn

Me: so you brought a boombox

Lady B: no its smaller, it is called something…….I am not able to remember

Me: a diskman???

Lady B: no yaar, it plays yumP3 (mp3) it is called ahhh yai pod

Me: a what??? Then after banggin my head for quite sometime I realized she was sayin Ipod. I was like haan cool so shes got an ipod, after some time she might realize, its too good for her and give it to me. That would be NEAT

Lady C: what does it do

Me: lord take me, take me right now

< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> 

I seriously wanted to go kill myself

< ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />America, suppose to be American desis, who don’t kno what to do with the stuff they buy………..i was sittin among a bunch of losers. My IQ just dropped drastically. I was begnin to feel like a “shahi kala” wtf

Was waiting to get out of there and blog this.

HUH very bad experience atleast on the bright side, I have a really cool cousin am stayin with, damn am so happy shes not like those werid housewives.

Today’s lunch made me realize, how much I should thank my parents for sending me to a good school and college. I would have loved those losers if I went to a bad school am so sure about it.

Posted by Deidamea 26 November 2004, 7:52am

It snowed today, apparently the city am living in has not seen snow 8 inches high since 5 years, hmmmn “my leg effect.” My cousin told me it was gonna snow, I actually got up at < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />4:30 in the morning to see and mannn it was so BEAUTIFULLL.



Somehow the sky turned orange and the garden in front of my house looked like a whole lot of ummm dunno what exactly it’s called but lemme just call it orange gola. Well am sure everyone has seen snow in EVERY  freaking bollywood movie but believe me when you see 8inches deep snow in your front yard shining like tiny diamonds when you walk out its a totally different sight. Every tree on the road shed its leaves thin lines of snow holding onto even thinner branches, it kinda looked spooky but pretty. It kinda seemed so filmy all of a sudden, I mean I felt like my life so very filmi so many times and this thing was no different.Got up late because I had my thanks giving holidays. As I walked out of my house I realized it was not as cold as I though it would, at least nothing that a 2 t-shirts, one sweater, and a jerkin couldn’t stop but it was fun I had a huge smile looking at that gorgeous snow until I slipped and fell down, all of sudden I stopped feeling filmy. I realized that I had snow 2ft high behind my car. It took me 15minutes to get the car out of the driveway Finally when I managed to get the car out of the drive way I realized that I has huge chunks snow on the top my car and obviously I was lazy and dint bother to remove it. As I got onto the highway chunks of that snow started falling on the car behind me for a while I though I was gonna get sewed. Am hoping I wont still just keeping my fingers crossed. BUT oh yeah the reason am writing this blog, ahem the SNOW damnnnn it is so BEAUTIFUL.  I can simply go on and on about it and it’s just gonna sound so dumb to you but it’s a toally different thing when you look at it yourself. Snow was on literally anything that was slightly horizontal, on top of phone cables, thin tree branches, leaves, billboards, APPSALUTELY ANTYHING that was horizontal.

Wanted to add a quote on snow but couldn’t find any….sux ha

Posted by Deidamea 26 November 2004, 6:34am

       Feeling really sad, gloomy, depressed, low, pretty much every synonym for sad. I though holidays ahhhh 5 days of blisfull sleep, turns out I had to work today.

Every one who walked into the store were all in thanks giving josh full family shit and all. Everybody had to wish "happy thanksgiving" me bla bla bla. Felt really bad missed mum n dad like hell.

Missed being special.

Missed the way my dog use to pounce on me everyday after I came back from school.

Missed the smile on my friend’s faces when I met them.

Missed the way my dad used to get bugged waking me up and send my dog to lick my face and slurp me up.

Ahem I actually might not miss it very much, I had to always get up and wash my face.

I just miss being special for someone, the smiles they had for me, I mean yeah I have friends here but none that are like 5 years old. Just realized how much I can miss someone every time I smile. I dont even know how it feels like to be special any more.

Posted by Deidamea 24 November 2004, 7:39am

Last night it rained, when I switched off the radio I could here the tiny drops hit


the ground and make a noise, way better than anything song I ever heard, I


slept with the sound of rain in my mind. I obviously dint sleep without my mind


wandering thinking about home.

I missed someone, a lot. I missed him so much that it made me think, why on


earth I chose to leave him. When it rains it reminds me of him. Although 7000


miles away is so far I still always walk outside in the rain and kiss it just for you.


It never fails me. The rain will always come and I'll always love you. Next time


I see a storm on the horizon, I feel delighted for my message is being carried to


the one I love so much. I spent SIX years with you my love, I miss you more


than anything else in my life. YOU were with me since I was eleven, now am


seventeen and you still never seem to bore me. I still remember those beautiful


rainy days that we spent learning trigonometry, calculus, physics and


economics. NONE on this freaking planet will ever be able to take your place.



< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> 

Heres a picture of my LOVE







Hmmn I taught him too much trigonometry and calculus, if he could write or


talk by now, he would  probably be a PRODIGY

Posted by Deidamea 21 November 2004, 11:10pm

 Love the way ya look tonight
With your hair hangin' down on your shoulders
N' I love the way ya dance your slow sweet tango
The way ya wanna do everything but talk
And how ya stare at me with those undress me eyes
Your breath on my body makes me warm inside 
love the way ya look tonight
Let's make out - let's do something amazing
Let's do something that's all the way
Cuz I've never touched somebody like the way I touch
your body
Now I never want to let your body go...

Nope NOT in a romantic mood

Yesterday I was doing the dishes. I was singing this song and doing the dishes since the freaking dish washer was full.......after a while I realized I was singin to the dished

Yo dishes "lets make a night to remember"

damn...... was so bugged

People coming to US for further studies, DONT COME its a pathetic life , even you'll end up singing to the dishes.

As a fellow blogger its my responsibility to tell you people.

Am so worried about where am going with my life singing to dishes, I dont want you guys to go through it too

Posted by Deidamea 18 November 2004, 10:48pm

Look nudity is censored right, kids are not allowed to see it blah blah. IF a gurl screwed around
with a 100 guys shes a slut ppl look down at her blah blah blah BUT its not exactly a crime, shes
 not out in jailf or right

Look at violence then, its showed on Tv rite? kids are allowed to see it, no restrictions wht so
eva. Fahrenheite 911 ,showing dead burnt american soldiers right, damn i got grossed out lookin
at it imagine yet no restriction for little kids. IF anyone kills just one person he's pushed into jail (apart frm powerfull polician tails) everybody els right?


Why is it that nudity is censored and violence is not while if u are a violent person u go to jail but not if u strip in the middle of the road?

Believe me i dont wanna listen to  "society is liek that crap" somethin deeper and freakin difrent

Posted by Deidamea 18 November 2004, 2:52am

So i left hyd a couple of months back , in US now doing my Under grad, well the werid part is today i was in my english class. Today's topic was censorship, alrite i was up for it and my English professor comes in and asks us to edit an EMINEM SONG, damn they were so bad(i aint a nerd or anything but seriously they are just full of shit) i just wanted to strike of the whole song. After the editing he wanted us to talk about why sex and nudity is censored but not heads being cut in kill bill........wht da hell?

So the final homework of our class for the thanks giving weekend is to watch "desperate housewives" famous american porn show. Apparently am suppose to watch it on tv or on the internet and rite what i thought

wht THE hell am i supposed to rite i loved watchin porn

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