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Neurotron | 22 November 2004, 1:04pm

You know when you just can't get some songs out of your head?

Breathe in, breathe out
Breathe in, breathe out
breathe in

Tied to a wheel, fingers go to feel
Bleeding though it's all okay to smile
I spin on a whim, I slide to the right
I felt you like electric light
For our love, for our fear
For our rise against the years and years and years

Got a Machinehead
Better than the rest
Green to red
Got a Machinehead
Better than the rest
Green to red
And I walk from my machine
And I walk from my machine

Breathe in, breathe out
Breathe in, breathe out
breathe in

Deaf, dumb and dirty, starting to deserve this
Leaning on my conscience wall
Blood is like wine, unconscious all the time
If I had it all again I'd change it all

Got a Machinehead... That's my, my generation...

Current Mood: Bored
Current Music: Machinehead - Bush (obvious, no? :-) )

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Some days...

Neurotron | 19 November 2004, 4:57pm

Some days everything just seems to fall into place. Looks like all your plans are going to pan out...and everything's gonna be just fine.

Now, all ya gotta do is sit back, relax, and wait for it all to get buggered.

Like the wise man said, in times such as these, you would do well to remember the first law of constipation:

"Good shit comes to those who wait."

Current Mood: Bored
Current Music: Eireann - Afro Celt Sound System (the Kambakhth Ishq original - for all those losers who thought it was wonderful and original)

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Neurotron | 16 November 2004, 11:33am

Pioneers are essentially ‘Why-kings’ – those who constantly ask ‘why?’ or ‘why not?’

Just like the Vikings. In many ways, the Vikings were pioneers, in terms of exploration of the lands around them, for instance. In those times, that was arguably the best or only way human knowledge was considered expandable. Leaving aside the argument of their reasons for exploration or invasion, their very endeavour reveals an underlying human trait – the quest for understanding what lies beyond.

And yet, we do not, by and large, encourage questions from those who ask the most fundamental ones – children. It is said that Einstein was able to achieve what he did because he asked the simplest questions, as a child might. What if a person traveled as fast as the light from the headlight of this train? I believe his ideas on relativity stemmed from a clock he saw on a station platform, as he was traveling home from work. And the very basic questions he asked himself about the relative passage of time for someone on the platform and someone traveling at the speed of light were what gave rise to one of the most celebrated scientific theories in human history.

When I was young, I remember most of my questions to my father, about anything, were almost invariably answered by something which amounted to “why do you need to know?” Thankfully, my mother encouraged my questioning mind and helped me learn how to find answers to them. I remember, at around the age of 9 or so, I used to ask a fair number of questions about how much things cost. A chocolate, a soft drink, the servants’ salary, a car. It probably stemmed from a desire to understand the relative value of things. Which becomes increasingly important as a child grows up. I was almost never told what anything cost. This just might explain why I am hopeless at bargaining.

Few things are as irritating as people who question just for the heck of it, or to appear smart. But every time we shush a curious child without at least trying to explain the world to them, we just might be repressing genius. There is a fine line between raising a genuinely inquisitive child to think constructively and creating a painfully supercilious know-it-all. Every parent can only hope their kids turn out alright. If I have a child, I can only hope I will find the fortitude and patience to answer all his questions, and the courage to admit I don’t know the answers to everything.

Let us nurture our Whykings. Let us temper their curiosity and not dismiss their innocent queries as ridiculous. Let us help them on their journey of discovery of this thing we call life. They may teach us something yet – about what we think are our limitations and how we can surpass them.

Everybody can be a teacher, everybody a student.

Current Mood: Thoughtful
Current Music: The Spirit Carries On - Dream Theater

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Wind on Skin

Neurotron | 5 November 2004, 12:47pm

A wealth of memories, frittered
carelessly, prodigal child
Fingers burnt by touching your skin
I watch them turn to ash
and scatter in the nonchalant wind.

She cares not for my pain
though healed in parts, scabby
She picks at it, intermittently
and I indulge her,
How foolish, you say

Blow hot, tormentor, blow
over the raw skin, but let it be slow
so I can feel the peeling
Blow cold, nurturer, blow
over trapped time, so I can know
when began the healing.

Current Mood: Cold
Current Music: Set the controls for the heart of the Sun - Pink Floyd

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Neurotron | 1 November 2004, 4:17pm

Here, take these words of yours.
No, no, with the right.
Grip them, with all your might
Now, plunge them deep into my flesh.

But wait! Let me turn around first.
I’d like you to feel right at home.

Here, let’s have a look at those shifty eyes.
Mirror you for what you are
Sly, furtive, wannabe, pseudo rock star
Then, hit me across my face with your falseness

But wait! Let me turn around first.
I’d like you to feel right at home.

How is it you can wait
years, with those seedlings of hate
now sprouting blooms of black
waiting to sting, blood taste
as soon as I turn my back...

Current Mood: Irreverent
Current Music: Breathing Light - Nitin Sawhney

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