Posted by aakarsh. 31 December 2004, 10:13am

the twilight is losing is breath,
another death awaiting...

evening desires dissolving away, unfulfilled,
in the seeping currents of crimson breezes.
each moment mounting on the next,
just like that thought of yesterday and tomorrow,
playing with the ruins of today...
like all moments, these too appear fleeting...
i know not what they mean, when they sing in harmony,
"another death awaiting..."

the night came in just like a lady,
a beautiful lady, bathing in the stream...
the silent stream of dimming darkness...
dressed in the moonlight robes,
with stars woven on the edges of it's skirt,
she walked away repeating,
the same song i heard before,
"another death awaiting..."

in my room, the freshness of the dawn,
with all the langour of the summer,
embraces me to wake me up...
the night, the lady, the twilight,
the moments of thought in conflict,
all are gone, with the same farewell greeting...
leaving me alone, with yet another day which sings,
"another death awaiting..."

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Posted by aakarsh. 31 December 2004, 9:36am
its write some crap..and its far more easy to use those 3 wonderful features "cut copy & paste"...but what do we write? sorry, if generalising is a sin here, let me introspect myself..."what do i write?"...nothingness,emptiness, emotions,joy,loneliness,ecstasy(dont worry..i am not into narcotic business) ...blah blah..all those wonderful words which define various feelings we experience in life..all these feelings trapped in the cages of words..and here,on a blig..they are if some paintings are exhibited in some art gallery..ok..the only difference is that paintings are under art section..and these are really art-less...still..what drives me to key in this..just nothing..its another act of drain out the nothingness suffusing in my mind..and blogs are wonderful things to do that..but whos on the receiving end? i take no claim on the irritation or frustration or whatever..which diffuses into minds of the guy reading this..chill out..its really nothing..

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Posted by aakarsh. 30 December 2004, 9:14am

the sky tonight wailed silently like a child,
for its robes were torn by the starlight,
and smeared with white blotches of clouds...
from the window it looked at me,
and hurled a gentle breeze upon me...
the song of every corner of the sky,
had its melody grafted in it,
tunefully touching all the corners of my mind...
yet, the silence didnt die until,
the moment came when the music of the sky,
harping on the invisible strings of the breeze,
reached my table and,
endlessly ruffled the pages of gitanjali...

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Posted by aakarsh. 26 December 2004, 2:13pm
the day , with the noise of this earth, drowns in the night, with a silence..

the outcry of the sea is buried in the lips of its own waves.can it hide mine too? then, will it splash on any shore? whose?


In every battle, someone or the other will stand by you, will help you out to embrace victory...but there is one battle, one long battle all through your life,which you need to fight out yourself, alone...and that battle is with you own self..within your ownself..


This darkness seems as a fluttering flag of fire with its sparks sprinkled on the sky as stars...


The night kissed the fading day,

and whipered in its ear,

" I am like your mother.

I shall carry you,for a while,

in the womb of my darkness,

to give you fresh birth

and a new breath..."

-- aakarsh.

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Posted by aakarsh. 26 December 2004, 3:18am
Sometimes words don’t sit on paper,
In my mind they move endlessly,
Just like bubbles in space.
Constellating around, they appear to me,
And with my mind, through the bubble-like-words,
I see a world convexed.

Afraid to see it and its stark realities,
I break the bubbles moving, with my pen,
By penning few words on paper.
When all is done, when my poem is done,
The world I see appears normal,
And I close my notebook, contended.

But during night, in a stillness of moment,
They rise again, from my notebook, like bubbles,
And start to constellate again,
In the galaxy of my dreams,
Giving me new nightmares of the world.
Perhaps a nightmare is just a dream convexed.
What to do? Words sometimes just don’t sit on paper,
And I am vexed seeing a world convexed.

--- aakarsh.

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