Get a Life

Jasz "The Spammer" A | 30 Jan 2005, 3:36am
The all-time worst comment you hear online is the "Jeez!! Get a life".

DUnno why, but this one stings more than any other.

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We, the people

Jasz "The Spammer" A | 7 Jan 2005, 2:53pm
Alas another Director whose success went to his head. Although I do not think that Lagaan is a good movie, I'll admit that it must've been special. Or too many people get conned easily.
Gowariker's second movie is a must see for all the fans of the Success-made-em-lose-focus group of directors. These guys make movies that help movie goers......the flaws are so obvious that anybody can pick them out. This is probably because of the fact that these guys suddenly take themselves so seriously that scenes with simple emotions become 3 minute montages with intricate soundscapes and heavy dialogue.
Swades will not be liked for what it'll be liked for what it could have been. It could have been another Oscar worthy Indian entry (no Indian movie in the next 10 years will win an Oscar. Period.) ShahRukh for once is believable as an actor and Gayatri Joshi's screen presence is simply stunning.
Let me brief ya.....SRK comes home to take his aunt, his heart suddenly changes and decides to spend the rest of his life here. The start and ending are alrite. Its the middle part thats fucked up.
SRK's strong beliefs and goals simply do a 180 flip. The incidents that run up to this could have been so much more powerful. At this point of the film, AG had the audience eating out of his hand and he goes and metamorphosises the character so badly that you start feeling cheated outta your tears.
Yes people!! At this point I was ready to cry my eyes out for the condition of people in our country but AG is so flat that you wish you could punch his nose and bring him down from the clouds. SRK's performance at this point was should get his street-rep high again.
AG tried to get in a morale lifting sequence again, but the buildup was too short and artificial. At this point I was wishing AG had stuck to directing and borrowed stories with carefully done screenplays, atleast the dialogues wouldnt be so corny and full of contradictions. Although more Hollywood for its sensitivity and character chemistry than any recent flick, its nowhere near the point of making you geniunely feel strongly for the characters or storyline.

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My life changed. No.....not really

Jasz "The Spammer" A | 7 Jan 2005, 2:12pm
Sorry if the heading conned you into reading this.

First of all let me tell u all that the previous blog entry was from the book I'm currently reading...Marylin Manson's autobiography "The Long Hard Road to Hell". So Romu stop asking silly q's and try increasing ur Kill Skill.

In every Hindu Cultural event why do they refer to our city as Bhagyanagar? Are they ashamed that our city is named after a muslim??

Where was Oliver Stone trying to go with Alexander? Saw it twice but could'nt see his point. Both times I walked out of the theatre praising Stone but that was more outta respect for Natural Born Killers and Platoon. After a while though I felt cheated outta my time and money. I spent 35 bucks and 150 mins and had no feelings of sadness, disgust, insight, fuzziness or awe that a man like Oliver Stone usually generates. The same thing happened twice.

Silly movie geek interpretation coming up---
In Alexander I think the Eagle is supposed to signify the God Zeus (who Alexander calls the God of Sun, I dispute that but forgive). The Eagle flies outta the sun and keeps an eye on Alexander during battles, long hard journeys and death scenes. Also it is an Eagle that "takes away" Alexander's soul (ref. last scene). BTW Zeus is supposed to be Alexander's father.

Why are they making more alien movies with no original material?? "The Forgotten" sucks ass.

Why was "The Village" panned?? I thought the ending was cool.

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The JaszMan is back!!!

Jasz "The Spammer" A | 5 Jan 2005, 12:14am
Among all things that can be complated under the concavity of the heavens, nothing is seen that arouses the human spirit more, that ravishes the senses more, that horrifies more, that provokes more terror or admiration than the monsters, prodigies and abominations through which we see the works of nature inverted, mutilated and truncated.
Pierre Boaistuau, Histoires Prodigieuses, 1561

That's true.

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