Posted by Deidamea 29 January 2005, 9:21pm
If you believe in God then you have to believe in the devil.

IS that true? I heard my cousin tell me that and she's shit scared of the dark and devilish. I somehow don't believe in Devils but her one line is making me think a bit too much.

I tried to reason myself,

If you think you can pass then you can fail.(still a school girls mind)

If you think you can live today then you can die today.

I don't know I just came up with the most stupid thoughts like these but I'm not able to counter my cousins line. Seriously, I don't wanna sit and believe that there exists a devil, downstairs in my house if I go to drink water at 2 in the night.

I told my cousin I went down stairs at 2 in the night and she was like WHOA, aren't you scared? That's how the story started.

I had an awesome dream last night, apparently I was talking to 2 people at the foot of my bed. Lets call them dead man and dead woman. They are talking, I interfere and say hey guys wassup? and dead woman responds why dint you cry when I died? Apparently I was dumb struck and I said well I dint feel like it. Dead man gets angry and says Your not suppose to say that to a dead woman and yells at me a little more.

I wonder what that mean............I CAN SEE DEAD PEOPLE!


Posted by Deidamea 28 January 2005, 8:07am
I never thought I'll ever be able to achieve this position in the

community of boredom. I have officially hit the zenith of boredom.

If there is anyone more bored than me, I would personally see to it

that they receive an international award. I am the mother of all

boredom. If I could find a wall which was not paper thin I'd love to
go bang my head to it.

I was invited to go swing dancing this Saturday .......argh I cant freakin date for me...........not that i care
I wont be allowed to get out of the house after 9 anyway.

I should kill myself, its high time.


Posted by Deidamea 25 January 2005, 12:43pm

Have you ever had one of those moments when you thought your life


just fell apart within seconds of your scummy existence? Or worse did


it take a lot longer than that…like hours, weeks, days and years. How


does that feel to know that you are doing the wrong thing and yet you


continue like a snob so adamant that it pisses you of a lot more?


What if you were a perfectionist beyond the limits of perfection? What


if the world wasn’t ready for you perfection? AND what if the


damnned world was’nt even ready for the adamant person that you




AND WHAT if it wasnt ready for you


what would you do?




Posted by Deidamea 18 January 2005, 12:03pm

SAD  things in life (mostly mine!)

 let me just rate it down to 10 most sad things in the past 6months.

10 Sita deleting her blog and not allowing any comments on her yanother blog....gochhu i might kill you

9 me rhyming on 10

8 Lilly deleting her blog...why did she do it? it was so niceee

7 me liking pre historic egyptian art after admiring a naked pregnant woman's  4 inch statue for 10mins and observing it...Im not a pervert

6 my guitar sounding extremely sad (nirvana could sound like Oasis painfullllll) I dont know how much i had to vend it to make it sound that sad

5 Me realizing axl is still alive just 3 months ago

4 me realizing Kurt is dead 1 month ago

3 me falling in love with this dead dude

2 Me trying to bring him back from the dead...fh any experience in necromancy?

1 Me writin this post sad very sad



Am in love with Kurt and i think i need help

Am in love with a dead guy and i think i need help.

For all those of you  who still dont know who Kurt is....well its about time you got to know.

WHy is he is so unfair


Posted by Deidamea 14 January 2005, 10:19pm

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Sometimes you wonder how people think so different and feel so different, similarly I read something which is worth talking about. My utter joblessness in my winter brake drove me to reading this magazine called “COSMO girl”


Its got some ridiculous crap about how to date, kiss, bla blab bla……the regular teen magazine crap BUT it also includes this column called confessions which I happen to read. There was this one girl who admitted she likes……..Well I think it would be better if you read it in her own words. I’m taking the trouble of actually typing this crap so you better take the trouble of reading it.




So the exact words of this girl were


“I am ashamed to say this, but I love the smell of people’s farts. Ever since I was a little girl, it amazed me, whenever someone farts, I take a big whiff and then cover my face and pretend to be disgusted like everyone else. I don’t know what attracts me to the smell, but I can’t seem to get enough.”


My jaw dropped for a pretty long time and I was so grossed out after reading it. I mean yeah people are into some weird stuff but a liking towards the smell of farts




I share this magical post with you because I want you to be equally disgusted and yeah welcome to the real stinky world.



Posted by Deidamea 13 January 2005, 10:22pm


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Late but well I atleast wished ya’ll…..

I did not have a comp and I did not have college hence no INTERNET




You will see more of my posts now because I have cable net at home unlike the slow dialup I used to have so …….more more more and a lot more


Really feel like posting something more but nothing to say


Hope you guys had fun and uh ohh almost forgot



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