The first day of the year 2005 has gone by. Before I know it, I'll soon be typing out lines which say "...o m g...its the end of fast time flies..". Life is funny in the way it unfolds and funnier in the way it makes it seem like it never did unfold, like you're still unraveling the mystery of what life is till your very last day. Wtf. Alright, Jan 01 2005 has gone by, I've had fun for most of the day. But its 12:44AM, 25 hrs into the new year and its back to me and my PC and braving the night.

I've never really put up "resolutions" and I believe I never will. Not for New Year's atleast...:-)  Never saw them come true...I've always wanted to join the gym, always wanted to go jogging, always wanted to learn the guitar, learn the drums, sit and pen down that story which is always in my head, infinitum. To think big and achieve even bigger....But these are all wishes, all plans which I can only dream to see the light of day. I've learnt this much though, its nice to dream, its nice to think big and its even better to go out and do it. As I wrote loong ago, the ones who dream and do nothing abt it are the bums...the one who do something abt it are the achievers.

Here's to 2005 pushing my lazybum into that circle of achievers. Ofcourse this again is a dream but as I've already said, I lovvve to dream. But its almost futile to dream for the morrow. To dream for Right now and to achieve that right now shall be it. Right now is where I want to be. Right now is where I want to live. Shall keep y'all posted on how my "Right now" philosophy works out in this year.

Right now I want to be writing better stuff. Right now I want my future known to me. Right now I wish I could have more faith in the one who holds my future. Right now I want to be not blogging and to be studying. Right now I want to be not makin excuses when I'm doin what I love. Right now I want to be outside that door, in the cold, staring at that beautiful moon, with you. Right now I want to speak to you. Right now I wish I could playback what I'm listening to on Winamp. Right now I want to take your breath away and to break free. Right now I want to live on impulse and to learn from experience. Right now I want all the questions to vanish into thin air and to be replaced by crystal clear answers. Right I want to fast forward, right now I want the next moment here. Right now I want to sleep.

One of those things I shall do now. Its upto you to guess which one.

Right now I want to live.

Goodbye Right now and onto the next now.



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