The last time I made a post, Ashoka was the King of India. Why am I returning now? For all those who missed me, of course, even though they really need to get a life. And, those who were wondering when I would be back, even if they have no hope ever of getting a life. And for those who were hoping I would get back, even if there is no point in telling them that, as far as their social circuits are concerned, they are so fused that there is no point trying to jump start them.

To be absolutely straight-from-the-heart honest, though, I missed blogging. I missed socking it into people. I missed those little duels in the comments section. I missed using up work time to write something totally useless. I missed those numbers in the views column go up against my blog. In other words, I missed having yet another outlet for my vanity.

Since I have already devoted enough disk space to the endearing traits of vanity, I shall not go down that road again. May be meander just a little, for old times' sake. Attributed completely to this quality that I possess in supreme abundance is the fact that ever since I disappeared off the face of I have not even read anyone else's blog. Actually, I haven't even read mine. Those who are reading my ramblings for the first time should get offended.

Yes, I meant should and not might. There has to be something grotesquely wrong with you if such jibes do not offend you. Either that, or you have evolved enough to not get offended. And, I cannot give you enough credit for that level of evolution. It takes time, stamina, and a plastic spine to reach the state when nothing is offensive anymore. So, the only logical conclusion is that you should be offended.

The fittest, though, will read on. They will survive to tell the tale, a tale untold by time, a tale so fascinating it would spellbind listeners. It would create ripples all over the world, the effects of which would be felt over great timelines. It would amaze people, surprise them. But, most of all, it would mortify them. How in the devil's name could anyone put themselves to such appalling levels of degeneracy and derogation? Why would anyone go through so much decadance? What purpose is fulfilled by such depravity?

Relax, people. And keep reading. The answers are coming, as Morpheous said to Neo.

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