Complete Unedited Movie Review

Jasz "The Spammer" A | 27 Feb 2005, 9:44pm

My movie review has been posted on

Here's the complete unedited version.


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My Hot Neighbour

Jasz "The Spammer" A | 20 Feb 2005, 5:24am

Observation 1 : Her balcony's too far away from mine to be able to jump into and back when she's not at home.

Proof 1 : I tried throwing a cigarette butt in.......shorted it by abt a foot.

Observation 2 : She's not married.

Proof 2 : I'm constantly looking at her clothesline and I've never seen guys clothes.

Observation 3 : She's single.

Proof 3 : She spends a lot of time in front of the TV and in the balcony.

Observation 4 : She works a graveyard shift.

Proof 4 : From observation 2 it is obvious that she has to be working. a) She's always at home during the day time.

b) There are no lights on after 9 pm.

Combining a and b we come to Observation 4

Observation 5 : She's lonely.

Proof 5 : (and I'm not lying about this) I saw her touching herself. Although the view wasnt very clear, the fact that she forgot to close her balcony door helped me. Although I didnt see anything that she'll be embarassed about, I did see her rubbing her thighs.





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My Dream Movie

Jasz "The Spammer" A | 18 Feb 2005, 7:47am

My Dream Movie

                                     By Jaszalcatraz

Since my favourite movie is Pulp Fiction and my four current fav directors are Q Tarantino, PT Anderson,D Fincher and D Aronofsky, my dream movie'd be Pulp Fiction directed by all afore mentioned four directors. Not together though. Each one directing his own segment.


The movie starts of with the prologue:

The scene with Honey Buny and "Ringo" then the scene with Vincent and Jules heading out to kill Brad and gang.

This part should be the one with QT directing. It is mainly this segment with all the great Tarantino-speak. This is the scene where long lingering shots and auteur angles take centre-stage - perfect for QT


Mia and Vincent: Although the first scene might need a little help from QT, the rest of the scene is perfect for Darren Aronofsky. Especially the snorting parts ;)  Darren Aronofsky with his wooshing background score and trippy violins can jazz up the pre-Mia Vincent sequence. His build-ups can create a heartstopping moment at the scene where Mia jumps up with a start after the adrenaline shot. Also the last parting dialogues can be much more effective with his ability to create void feeling in the bottom of the heart.

Gold Watch:

This is tailor made for PT Anderson. He can make the Col.Koonz flashback so much more melodramatic that you can feel Butch's anger/frustration when Fabian forgets his watch. Also his treating of the relation between Fabian and Butch can perfectly explain to us the reason Butch forgives her so easily. And ofcourse, his sweeping camera work can help the scene where Bruce Willis walks to get his watch.

Jules, Vincent and Mr. Wolf

The scene where one man's actions can bring sweeping changes into the situation. The scene where a man in control of an army can flush the enemy. Sound familiar? Yeah Tyler Durden in Fight Club. So its obvious that David Fincher bring his style into the scene. So we can expect a better pre-cog visual of the Bonnie coming home sequence. And then Mr. Wolf's inspirational speech to get Vincent and Jules washing the car, can sound so much more like the Tyler Durden we know.


Another QT sequence. It's too stuck in my head for its perfection that no one can dare change it. None can beat QT and this is why he's God. Jules final flourish is perhaps the greatest change in character we can see on film moreso because of the short time it takes for him to becoming a god-fearing man.


And thats a wrap.

Thats the first time i've done something useful when stoned.


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