alright. this is just RUDE! i drag my bum over to FH after what seems like an eternity and i know i haven't blogged in a friggin long while but this is simply  rude! wat u ask? fh puttin a blinkin BIG sign askin me "Are you stupid?". i mean wat the! i mean i know the answer to that one, but this is like fh is personally defaming me.

alright. i'm sure most you reading this are in the majority who actually do not click on signs which say "Congratulations! You've won a million dollars you sick pig f__k!"  and no, i've never clicked on such signs either. but today, now, this was a personal attack. one regarding my most important facet. and as i have been readin up on a lot of general awareness n also writing down stuff 'bout myself, i did know the answer to this one. so i went ahead n answered "Yes". DA BLUDDY CHEETS!! it wasn't one of those multiple choice quizzes! can u blive dat?! What did they mean? Were they asking me if was stupid enough to click that button? Or if I was really stupid? Or is stupid a name given to some tribe somewhere? Or if the world is flat? Or if Sarah Freder is flat?  What is the meaning of the universe? Ms/Mrs. Sarah Freder proposes dis>>

"If you have a serious, perhaps urgent problem to resolve, whether it be concerning money, bad luck, love or any other large or small sexual grievance, to help you, I am offering you a Free Personal Horoscope and I will reveal my deepest desire and also your lucky numbers, all free of charge. In additon to this you are entitled to win a free subscription to, the premier pornography site for stupid individuals such as yourself."

uh. weehoo. :|  Click that icon. I did, and my world will never be the same again.

And now onto the purpose of this post. As I've completely lost any traces of humour I shall now proceed to tell you sick f_ks the things I've noticed in d last few days.

>>The guys who compose the background scores for Sony/Zee/SP soaps should be given like multiple-grammies or multiple-skull-fractures. Choose one. Want me to sum up their scores for you? Muh pleasure. "chajan-chajann-chajaaaan-dish! zooom! dish! chajaaan" :|

>>The guys who act in aforementioned soaps should be sent to a proctologist. So their digestive systems may be clinically clogged for a while and then some. The wide variety of facial contortions which they'll learn in the following days will provide an excellent twist to the serials. Coz right now, their modus operandi is simple>> first chajan - turn left; second chajan - turn right; third chajaaaan - zoom in. :| at the sound of dish - open eyes wide. :| How do they open their eyes that wide?

>> TeeVee ppls are becoming fultoo responsible. We now have Statutory Warnings superimposed on the screen when ppl smoke in the above soaps. Shouldn't they be putting 'em throughout ze soap? Like a marquee say...hmm..which might read..."The actors/actresses who are shown on screen are trained professionals. Trained to stick hotrods up their posterior ends so they may emote. Do not attempt this in your homes." hmmm.

>> Why is Kentucky Fried Chicken the only thing I can think of in the middle of a Group Discussion? :| I mean there we are discussing whether the filing system of Good Company is efficient or not and the only thing I can think of is a good juicy piece of KFC. :|

>>How in the world do you find kidnapped babies? :-/ They are babies for cryin out loud! :-S U can stash 'em anywhere...and they all look the lil hairless chimps! ... :-S

>> This place is dead. So very. But interestingly, for some freaky reason, I stay put in that top 5 list. As Seinfeld put it so articulately>> Who are these people??!  :-/  And weehoo i'm number 2 on the list. Always knew number 2 was my spot.

Hokay. See you soon.






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