All my energy at this point in time is concentrated at not succumbing to the temptation of using the cliched statement, "Just what is the world coming to?" That I have not given in to the lure is a testament to my phenomenal will, conviction, and self-belief. But that is not point of this post. That point I have already overstated many times over in my previous posts, and even I can only overstate that much. Beyond that, even I consider it sacrilegiously heretical.

Instead what has enthused me enough to park my sorry behind in front of my computer, and even digressing from the norm of not saying fascinating nothing (as a fellow-blogger had once put it) is something a woman did that made me think that my behind might not be all that sorry after all.

No, she did not gawk at it, or even hang her tongue out while her jaw touched the floor. Those reactions are mostly contrary to being flattering. And I have had more than my fair share of them. Actually, I have only had them. That is until this afternoon. So, what really happened this day that changed the very perception I had for my behind?

It was an act as innocent as her feeling me up. For a while there I did not know what was happening or even why. I am still grappling with the second part of the previous statement. But anyone with the IQ of, say, a chair, would know in less than a minute the answer to the first part of the statement prior to the previous statement. That it took me longer is not important. What is, however, vital is that at the end of my conclusions, she was still at it.

I am not sure whether this should form a scar on my mental psyche or be the one bright spot in my, otherwise, bleak existence, which I would probably narrate to my grandkids at the age of, well, something very old. No, I would not narrate my dreary existence. Just thought I would clear the air there. I do not even know how I am supposed to feel - ecstatic or repulsed.

But I know what I do feel. Conceited beyond anything I have ever been at any time in my life. Coming from me, that is a giant leap. Forward.

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