1 Mar 2005

Close My Eyes & Die

Posted by Pye in Poetry | 2:24am

sure i'd live your dream
try hard to make it seem
like its what i want to do
but its kind of hard to fake
isn't it give and take
that's what they say is true

i want so hard to be
to make myself agree
to walk the path you chose
sometimes i wish i could
kill my thoughts for good
but then my pace, it slows

a tiny voice betrays
you live your life, it says
how many will you please?
they want a lot from you
they'll make you do it too
and bring you to your knees

sometimes it's hard to live
for others, hard to give
your all, and they want more
wonder if its right
give up without a fight
how much can one endure?

i want to be alone
with a heart made of stone
and if i listened to my head
then i'd do it all
from behind the mortar wall
around the heart that's dead

Current Mood: Screwed
Current Music: Rod Stewart - Sometimes When We Touch