14 Mar 2005


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     When I was studying my intermediate second year, I did one thing with my friends.  We sat in the last bench.  That was english period and our english madam was teaching some lesson.  But we were watching outside through the window. There are some trees and they are very height.  Some crows were making noise and our mood was distrubed by those crows.  After some time, some people came there and stood and started talking something.  they had some bags in their hands.  While talking, they were looking towards the crows.....:-)  . my friends and I started running commentry...I mean there were totally three persons, and we also three in the last bench.  we were saying some comments to the lips moments of those persons....while this was happening...our english madam looked at us and brought us to prinicipal madam and scolded us before junior arts girls.  ofcourse we did not feel shame for that..ofcourse we lost all of our shame after that moment :))......and one more thing is we got a famous name, Chain Batch, in our college. Actually we are five friends, and we go to anywhere without absent of anyone.  and we are very close friends.....that's why we got that name......

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14 Mar 2005


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     There are two meanings to claps.  When we clapped after a person's speech is over, it indicates that we are appreciating his speech.  If we clap while the person is speaking, it indicates that his speech was not good ans we are indirectly requesting (or ordering?) him to stop the speech there and please leave the stage.  We did the second thing in our college silver jubilee celebrations. 

     Our prinicipal and other lecturers invited some people as guests and they came.  After a moment our prinicipal asked them to give a speech.  They were tried to speak for a long time.  But we did not gave them that chance....becoz, they were not saying about any interest topic.  All were saying the same words like.... read good.....write good.......behave good.....give respect lecturers....don't comment girls.......it's a very bad habit.... its a great situation in our college etc.,  and we got bored with those sentences and started clapping.  Fortunately one of those guests understood the meaning of our claps and he said the same thing on the stage as I said in the first para and everyone laughed after he said so.  Ofcourse everyone took it lightly.  After his speech, no one talked more than 10 minutes.  We feeled bore during that ten minutes too.

     On the next day, the prinicipal called us (my friends and me) and asked, "why did you do so in the last day?". and we said that we feeled bore with their speeches.  The lecturers also agreed with our opinion (even the prinicipal too)  and laughed by remembering our claps.... and left us with happy and smiley faces...That' is the power of claps..........

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14 Mar 2005


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While I was studyin in junior college, there was a physics lecturer in out college.  Many times, he started explaining something with the following four words, "Let a body move...." or "Let a particle is moving..." etc.,   While he was saying so, we laughed many times. Why becoz when saying those four words, his face will change like a cartoon.   We catched especially those four words because of his frequency of use. When someone of our friends are in serious mood, we just say "let a body move..." and immediately he will laugh and forget all of his sadness. That sentense "let a body move " is a very famous for all of MPC and BiPC students of that college..................

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14 Mar 2005


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     Why some people, do not like to receive gifts or prizes or shields etc.,  I want to say you one fact happened during my junior college days.  When we were in second year (orcourse final year too....) our college Silver Jubilee Celebrations arrived.  We celebrated with sports, games and many events.  On the last day some guests came to our college and we arranged some cultural programmes.  Before that, there was a memos and shields presentation programme.  Botany lecturer was reading the names of junior lecturers, senior lecturers and other college staff names and everyone was coming and receiving their memos from the guest's hands.  But my physics lecturer did not took his shield.  He was there on the stage until his name came out from the botany lecturer's toungue.  But just before one minute, he left that place...his name came.....but he did not came....they called three times.....and proceeded with other names.  After that he came back to the stage.  We were very interested about my physics lecturer and we went to see what he was doing and  surprised.  He was doing nothing.  He did not left that place becoz of work.  And we understood that he didnot like to receive gifts or shields etc.,

     After that celebrations, we went to physics lab and again shocked.  His shield was on his table.  He was looking at that shield with concentration. :-)  We did not understand why he did not took that shield on the stage and why he placed it on his table now.  I think some characters behave so.........

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