17 Mar 2005


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Upto SSC, I studied in telugu medium, and I took MPC branch in  inter-mediate.  There is english medium only. I thougt, "O.K. we can learn english slowly....." and joined the college.  But I faced many problems  and confusions with that medium change.......one of them is below...........

     While our physics and chemistry lecturers were saying lessons, some times they said the following sentence, "The particle moves from one state to another state.........".  When they were saying so, I confused !!!.  I thought, "How can I particle move from one state to another state??".  I thought this state is a state like states in our country.  But later I found the another meaning of state.  The state in that sentence is the state of a particular material, liquid state, solid state, gas state etc.,  Until, I found that meainng of  state in english - telugu dictionary, I was in confusion.......That was the confusion I faced in my Junior college.....So ITS A STATE NOT A STATE !! :-)   Have you ever faced such problem in your college life with the words with more than one meaning???????

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17 Mar 2005


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     Once, out mathematics lecturer was saying Integration problems...While solving some problem...he asked us, "We can write it like this, cann't we?". Then immediately my friend said, "If there is peace of chalk in hand, can write it in any form !!". Immediately all of our batch mates laughed.  The lecturer came with angry and asked my friend to solve that problem.  Ofcourse, my friend did not solved that.  Why beocz, he did not know how to solve that.  Anyway, that was c memorable moment in my college days..........

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