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I am so sorry people. I was trying to get the html tag for the pic. I accidentally deleted this.


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This traveling crap is seriously getting to me now. I have called up every freaking travel agency in the city and a lot more in the country. Indirect links have led me to the point when I call up on of the biggest travel agencies in the state, they tell me that my ticket is already blocked through another sub-travl agency. Freaks all of them are so screwed in the head. Its spring all windy, never realized why these firings obsessed so much about spring being in the air but im loving it. Raining once in a whilt damn its just awesome around here but the darn travel agents, I wannna murder them all, may be I should get'em into one of those torture-camp methods that Hitler used. Leave them in a gas chamber or something very nasty. This one moron wants me to go in Qatar Airways and my khandan encouraging, go go nothing wil happen kaate. That is as close I can get to Iraq, dunnno when US get's josh and bomb gawd knows which country. This female, meydum youíver rooote is new york~~london gayitwik (Gatwick) ~~Doha(im like what the fuck is doha) she goes meydam it is in the country called Qatar vonly. Acha ok so from doha where do I go? Shes like straaaigh HyderaBAD meydam. Ah ok so how much is this gonna cost me $**** ME going are you crazy you psychopath. Emirates is much cheaper go screw yourself bye. Well a bit of exaggeration there but then againt I would have done that if I was drunk or something.blehhh so much for my trip to India, donít know when, where how. Might even end up coming in Qatar blehhh.

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Oh damn life sucks! These days its getting hard to even figure out what sucks more than the shit ass life itself. The level of helplessness is getting so big damn Iíd just wanna clobber someoneís head and dump it in musi. Freaking people are so fucked in the head, annoying pessimist who think they are so brilliant that they see the other side of the story makes me wanna run a truck over their heads and scream you pessimistic idiots, look at the bright side your not dead yet, or better yet dumb or def, but like hell I would love it if you were either of them. Morons I tell you, always see the bad things, this angry post is because when I told a lady a straight forward answer that I donít like something and she goes oh this is because I told you that what your cousin that her creation wasnít good enough last week eh? I looked at her in such a way, I swear it was so difficult for me to not run across the room, and rip her throat with a knife. She was lucky I wasnít in the kitchen. I noticed this so many times and Iíve seen closest of the friends (men) brake their friendship afer they get married. (Assuming all the men I know are straight, hence they donít get married to men). All the women who enter the lives of these guys have been pessimistic bitches who run around looking for all the wrong things a person could say in a singly sentence. Iíve seen my a shit load of cousins split from their families and friends because of their wives. The irony here is that all the freaking women still have their childhood friends and still there, they call them up and all that trash. Still intact with their families as well too men always tend to drift apart. Itís a known fact that they arenít many joint families these days so the guys donít stay with his parents after he gets married. Well if they did, either the daughter-in-law tortures the mother-in-law or the other way round. FUCKIN BULLSHIT I say. Iíve seen this happen so many times, I despise both the categories of women. But in the end it all comes down to women, they do all the freaking damage, in families, in friendship, in love damn everything. I hate myself for being a woman. GIVEN that guys are dumb but they arenít dumb enough to pick the wrong friends who they end up drifting apart from, NOT ALL of them. OK one or two wrong friends that you dint identify being an idiot is understandable but all the friends, Iíve seen so many guys fight for their wives and ruin childhood friendships of over 20years its RIDICULOUS if you ask me. This happens all the time and all over but no one realizes it. AND to top it all off women blame it on other women for wrecking the husbandís best friend. ITíS RAT CRAP. I hate these women, I could probably count the number of women who have let their husbands just be friends with who they wantes and let them remain friends who they previously were. I hate myself for being a part of this female race, I so badly HOPE that I wont be that person who controls somebody elseís life.

P.S: this is an impulse post, just witnessed something that I had to get out of my system. There would have been a lot of mistakes, both spelling and grammatical DEAL WITH IT.

P.P.S: this post will self destruct in a few days. I LIKE MY BLOG I donít ever wanna read stuff like this on it so I shall delete it when I post the next post.

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Posted by Deidamea 12 April 2005, 10:15pm

confused conversation on how to block ticket and with who to block and how to avoid being stupid. Me and Neha are coming together and she took the job of blockin the tickets and obviously I was bent on bugging her :D

but i dint really confused her just to bug her, i was really confused :-S

Me: accha see this is way i figured< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

neha: wha

Me: if he wants to confirm our tickets then he HAS to block them it DOES NOT work other wise so call up that freakin idiot and asked him if he blocked BOTH OUR tickets or not clearly

neha: abey

neha: he said that he will block and all that

neha: u dont worry

neha: i made it really clear to the guy that we need to go together

neha: the whole reason am asking him to book is that

me: then wht was tht crap u blabbered tht hes not bothered about blockin he'll confirm sense u made

neha: yah that guy said that he will send < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />ur's once he is done with it

Me: once he is dont with it boleto???? once he confirms the tickets ah?

neha: no i meant he is not bothered about confirming

neha: right now he is bothered about blockin em

neha: nee abba

neha: nnnnnnnneeeeeeeeee abbba

neha: osayi

neha: i will kill u

Me: it should not take more than 20mins to block both our tickets

neha: listen this is how it works

neha: y wud'nt he fucking block the tickets?

Me: how could he be bothered about blockin them for 2full days i dont understand

neha: he found the seats

neha: probably he is not finding them

neha: vadiki seats doruka gaanay he will block them

Me: neha: he found the seats

neha: probably he is not finding them what on earth is he not finding

neha and send u the fucking itinerary bey

neha: am gonna kill u

neha: nee baa...wanna talk to u right now

neha: where the heck r u now?

neha: coll ah

Me: am in collg aree seriously re u only said u found he dint find wht on earth am suppose to understand

Me: cheepu u enlighten i say

neha: nee abba

neha: now listen without interrupting

Me: ok u plij from full lines then

neha: he sent me my itinerary right

Me: yeah ur vonly

neha: yah so i asked him y he dint send ur's


neha: yeah ok

neha: so he said he is working on it

Me: workin on it boleto?

neha: i told him u hvae'nt confirmed couple of them and the itenary shows only half way through

Me: YEAhhhhhhhhh OK

neha: so he said right now he is worried about blocking the tickets

neha: once he is done with blocking he said he will confirm them

neha: n i asked him wha about the other girl, her itinerary and stuff. n told him that do not forget her's and gave ur stuff agian

neha: ok

Me: OK

neha: ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

neha: THANK U

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When was the last time u repeated that you thought was funny to the same person 2 times or more. if your actually thinking to answer this question then the odds are that you actualy did. If your answer was yes then you are pathetic, yes thats right. I discovered this when I met the same woman in diffrent parties and she told everyone the same jokes and boasted about the same old sad things in her life over and over and over again. There was a point when I could tell people those storied with the exact date and time of the events and how it included her 3yrs old dog and 3 month old bird. evnetually I even got to know when she would talk abuot what. If someone spoke about animals she would talk about her pets and thena her husband and then her beautiful daughters and what NOT I mean there is a limit to repeating incidnets oh boy this woman was the limit, after a while i think i started hallucinating, I'd see myself baging my head randomly to all the walls in the room. OR i wanted to kill this woman and for the tributal speech in front of her coffin I'd say all those stories and say this is her life all public and worthless so please lets just get this over with and daflafy her. Honestly I really do believe that the saddest of people are those who repeat the same incidents over and over again. What else could you say when that person is indirectly saying the same story repeatedly when you come up with a diffrent interesting thing that happend to you that week. I dont talk much when i attend these lame party;s considering my college topics wont be of much amusement to these lame ass housewives who gossip like crazy so I basically shut up cause I dont have anythin worth saying, but NOOOO this woman goes on and on same freakin story i say, i think my ears are bleeding these days.

I hate these people.

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I always thot i was good with the camera.....alll effect n all i feeling....turns out am not, din come as a surprise did it?

see you can see me....down down down look more MORE I SAY...clearly u can see, aint i giant. hehhe thot i'l put this pic up. dont ask me wht i was tryin to do, im not sure. i was against this pic but my sis insisted tht i shd shut up and stand so i did and thr u go the most CLEAR pic of all time
Image hosted by

ok this was a pure mistake i was really tryin to pic the coffers(art history shwoing off) if i din have my finger it wld have looked much better

Image hosted by

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